Pitweiler [Complete Breed Guide 2023]

Pitweiler [Complete Breed Guide 2023]

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Designer dog breeds have become very popular in the past 50 years, and one of those hybrids is the Pitweiler. You can probably guess by its name the Pitweiler is a cross between the Rottweiler and the Pit Bull Terrier. Since it is a crossbreed, major cynology associations do not recognize it. In fact, one of its parent breeds, the Pit Bull, is also not recognized by many associations. Nevertheless, Pitweiler has a strong fan base. If you want to know more about this hybrid, here’s the most crucial information.

What kind of a dog is the Pitweiler?

Let’s start with the basics - the Pitweiler is a mix between a Rottweiler and a Pit Bull Terrier. The result is a medium-sized dog with a mixture of physical and mental characteristics from both parent breeds. The Pitweiler puppy will inherit genes from both breeds, and some claim that it makes them healthier. However, that is not necessarily true, and the “hybrid vigor” theory primarily applies to plants.



20 - 24 in



50 - 100 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

10 -15 years

Pitweiler physical appearance

The thing that defines a dog breed is its physical appearance. Two Golden Retrievers or two Rottweilers will look a lot like each other. However, crossbred puppies from the same litter can have completely different characteristics. Genes from their parents will mix, and there is no way of telling how the puppy will end up. However, based on Pitweilers produced so far, we can say these dogs are usually 20 - 24 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know until the puppy fully develops.

Coat and color

A crucial part of a breed’s appearance is its color. Pureblooded dog breeds have clearly defined colors they come in; it’s clearly stated in their standard. However, designer breeds, like the Pitweiler, can inherit coat types and colors from both sides of the family. That means there is no way of knowing which color a future puppy will be. Some puppies take more after the Rottweiler part of the family, and some go the other way. That means you can expect a Pitweiler with all sorts of coat colors. However, their coat should always be short and smooth.

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Pitweiler character

The breed’s appearance is important, but its character is the key to making them great pets. Once again, a Pitweiler will be a mix of its parent’s characters. Nevertheless, they might end on both specters, from a shy to an overly aggressive dog. Most Pitweilers are loyal, confident, and brave. It is fully expected from a Pitweiler to become a great watch and guard dog. These dogs should have a tough appearance, but they should actually have a soft spot for their families. Most of them go through a stubborn phase, so future owners should prepare for that. The good news is that you can heavily influence a dog’s character with proper training and socialization.

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Pitweiler care guide

When it comes to dog care, it doesn’t really matter what kind of dog you have. They are all living beings with certain needs their owners need to fulfill. They are social animals, so you have to make sure you spend enough time with your dog. Proper care is an absolute necessity, and here is a complete Pitweiler care guide;


The most important thing all dogs require is high-quality nutrition. If you want to make sure your dog stays as healthy as possible and lives as long as possible, you will provide them with great dog food. The Pitweiler will thrive on diets specially blended for larger dog breeds. Ensure the protein sources are excellent quality and read the label for artificial ingredients.


We already mentioned training is important, but it is absolutely crucial for large, powerful dogs like the Pitweiler. These dogs can be stubborn and independent, so they need an owner who will know how to handle them. Your Pitweiler will need training from the moment it comes into your home. Start with potty and crate training, leash training, and work your way to basic and advanced obedience. These dogs need to obey their owners.


The second crucial aspect, next to training, is socialization. Owners should start teaching their dogs how they should react and act in different situations from an early age. Puppies should meet other people, dogs, hear different sounds, and see various situations. They need to adapt and learn what appropriate reaction in different situations is.

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Most future Pitweiler owners will never think about grooming, but it is still necessary for the dog’s life. The owners will need to check their dog’s ears, clip their nails, bathe and brush them, and clean their eyes. It is simply a part of being a good dog owner. Make sure the dog is protected from parasites and keep regular vet visits.

Pitweiler health

A considerable advantage pureblooded dogs have is - they were studied. Vets and owners know which conditions the breed is susceptible to and which signs to look for. Hybrid dogs can inherit health conditions from both sides of the family. Their owners need to prepare and make sure they notice early signs of health problems. Here are some of the potential issues noticed in this designer dog breed;

Pitweiler price

Some designer dogs breeds, like the Labradoodle or Cockapoo, can go for high prices. In some cases, they are even more expensive than their pureblooded parents. If you are looking to buy a Pitweiler puppy, you can expect a price range of $400 - $1.000. However, you can always take a look in your local shelter. Many of these dogs are abandoned and in need of new homes.

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