Newfypoo -Full Breed Profile

Newfypoo -Full Breed Profile

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The popularity of designer breeds is rising, and one of these designer crossbreeds is the adorable Newfypoo. This relatively large dog has a unique blend of their parent breeds’ characters. The Newfypoo is a Newfoundland Poodle mix, and these dogs make an exciting combination of active and friendly characters. If you are in the market for a new dog, here is what you should know about the Newfypoo.



22 - 30 in



70 - 150 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

9 -12 years

Dog of different names

The first thing you should know about the adorable Newfypoo is that they are called by different names. Most Poodle crossbreeds have a few names, but the most popular way of calling these dogs is by adding -a doodle at the end of the name. That is how Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and Bernedoodles came to life.

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The name Newfypoo remains the most popular way these designer dogs are referred to. Other names include

  • Newfiedoo,
  • Newfoundlandpoo,
  • Newdle,
  • Newfydoodle,
  • Noodle,
  • Newfoundlandoodle,
  • Poofoundland,
  • and some owners simply call them Newfoundland Poodle mix.

Whatever you call them, most of these dogs are giant goofballs that will fit ideally in families that have plenty of time to spend with their dogs.

Characteristics of the Newfoundland Poodle mix

If you are not familiar with the Newfypoo, you should get to know the characteristics of this crossbreed. However, keep in mind that this is not a registered breed with long breeding bloodlines; these are designer dogs or hybrids. They do not pass a consistent set of physical and mental characteristics to their offspring. Crossbred puppies inherit genes from both sides of the family, in this case, Newfoundlands and Standard Poodles. It is expected that puppies end up with a combination of physical characteristics of both breeds.

Dog Breed Characteristics

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Dog Friendly
General Health

Most Newfoundland Poodle mixes reach a height of 22-30 inches and weigh 70 - 150 pounds. These dogs became somewhat popular (like many other Poodle mixes are) because Poodles have an interesting and appealing coat characteristic - they don’t shed. Mind you, Poodles shed, but the loose hair remains in their coats until it is brushed out. That makes them ideal for people allergic to dog hair or owners that don’t want to have a home filled with dog hair.

The Newfypoo puppy can inherit these traits; most dogs have a wavy, low-shedding coat. That makes them interesting to dog owners who want large dogs that barely shed.

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However, remember that the Newfypoo (Newfoundland Poodle mix) is still a mix. There is no guarantee crossbred puppies will inherit a low-shedding coat. Newfoundlands are medium shedders, but during the shedding season, they blow off their entire undercoat. That is a trait new Newfypoo puppies could potentially inherit.

Temperament of the Newfypoo

Perhaps the most important thing future dog owners should think about is the character of the future dog you will welcome to your home. Single dog owners should be more flexible when it comes to dog characters, but families with kids should be fairly sure their new dog will get along with the kids.

Luckily, Newfoundlands are a breed named the “Nanny dog.” They are fantastic with kids. Newfies have endless patience with children, and they will keep a close eye on family kids to make sure nothing bad happens to them. Poodles are much more energetic, and they get along great with older kids who can play with the dog more maturely. The Newfypoo is a blend of these characters, but most of these dogs are relatively good with kids.

The Newfoundland Poodle mix is pretty energetic, friendly, curious, and sometimes needy. They love attention and will do anything to get it from their owners. These dogs are relatively playful, so older kids will love playing with the dog in your backyard or in the dog park. Another interesting personality trait these dogs have is alertness. They make reasonably good watchdogs and can become excellent in watching over the house if trained to develop those skills.

Health issues

The Newfypoo is a crossbreed; as such, it hasn’t been studied, nor can we observe health issues as we can in pureblooded dogs. The Newfoundland Poodle mix can inherit health issues from both sides of the family. There are too many genetic combinations to accurately guess if anything will bother the dog in the future. Some of the most common health problems observed in this crossbreed are;

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However, if two healthy adults were bred, there is no reason you should expect unhealthy puppies. Newfypoos have a lifespan of 9 - 12 years, which is somewhat above average for such large dogs.

Newfypoo puppies

If you are looking for a large breed puppy and are adamant about getting a Newfypoo puppy, we recommend looking into different rescue options. You can talk to Poodle rescue organizations and ask if there are any Newfypoo puppies or dogs that are in need of new homes. Buying a crossbreed is never the best choice. There is no way of knowing if a breeder has good breeding practices or if they are actually taking proper care of their dogs. Newfypoos are not registered breed, so these dogs don’t have pedigrees or established healthy bloodlines.

However, if you are looking to buy a Newfypoo puppy, always ask to see the conditions the puppy is living in. Check how the breeding dogs react to the owner, and if anything seems suspicious, walk away. The other thing you should know is - the average price for a well-bred Newfypoo puppy is $1.250.

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