13 Fun Facts About Bernedoodles

13 Fun Facts About Bernedoodles

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Hybrid or designer dog breeds are rapidly gaining popularity. Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, and Pomsky are just some designer breed family members bred for being the best possible companions. One of the rising stars among the designer dog breeds is the beautiful Bernedoodle.



10 - 29 in (all sizes)



10 - 90 lb (all sizes)




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

12 -15 years

Even though they are a designer breed, make sure that you do not get a dog from an irresponsible and unreputable breeder. Just because it is a designer breed doesn’t mean it should not be well-bred.

1. Bernedoodle is a mixed breed

You could probably guess it by their name - the Bernedoodle is a mix between the Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog. Mrs. Sherry Rupke is credited with the first deliberate creation of the Bernedoodle. She stated that she has a deep appreciation for both the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle. It seems that her goal was to create the best possible companion breed that would inherit the best of both of their parent breeds.

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2. Bernedoodles are a teenager breed

It is one of the youngest members of designer breeds with a history reaching only back to 2003. It is possible that the mixes between the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle happened before, but it wasn’t until 2003 that breeders started intentionally crossbreeding these two dog breeds. This hybrid breed is in its teenage years, and it will be interesting to see how the Bernedoodle develops.

3. Intentional creation (not only for money)

The Bernedoodle is objectively a gorgeous dog, and most purebred dog breeders think that hybrids like the Bernedoodle are created with the sole purpose of making money and is bred by people with no dog breeding experience. Mrs. Rupke, the “mother” of the breed, is an experienced dog breeder with extensive knowledge and education. She wanted to create a low-shedding breed because her mother developed dog hair allergies. It is her goal to develop and produce dogs that are healthier and live longer than their parent breeds.

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4. Bernedoodles make great service dogs

Both parent breeds can be trained to be great service dogs, so it is no wonder that their mixed offspring can be one too. Training a service dog is not an easy nor short program. It can last more than one and a half years, and only dogs with the best characters and working abilities can finish the training program. It looks like the Bernedoodle does well in the service dog role. More about service dog training read here.

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5. Not eligible for registry

The Bernedoodles are a mixed breed, and as such, they are not eligible to be registered in any national cynological association in the world. It looks like they are never going to become eligible because their creator, Mrs. Rupke, claimed that the healthiest dogs are the first-generation mixes between Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs. She concluded that every subsequent breeding (Bernedoodle with Bernedoodle) result in a higher probability of inherited diseases. She is not an advocate for breeding second-generation Bernedoodles.

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6. Hypoallergenic dogs

Although there aren’t any true hypoallergenic dog breeds, some breeds come pretty close to that. Dog hair is one of the most potent allergens out there, and Bernedoodles barely shed. This is a trait they inherit from the Poodle. They, too, are low-shedders and the loose hair usually remains in their curled coat until it is brushed out. These dogs don’t require too much grooming; they require basics, like any other dog breed. More about basic grooming check out here.

7. Bernedoodles come in three sizes

Like their Poodle parents, Bernedoodles can come in three sizes; Standard, Miniature, and Tiny. Their Poodle parents entirely determine their size because Poodles have three size varieties; Toy, Miniature, and Standard. Depending on the Poodle size, the future Bernedoodle will be small, medium, or large size. All sizes have their qualities; while bigger dogs are great for houses with large yards, smaller Bernedoodles are great apartment dwellers that don’t require too much vacuuming after them.

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8. Middle of the road personality

As you can imagine, the Bernedoodles’ character is a mix of their parent breeds’ characters. Like any other dog breed, the new Bernedoodles can inherit different personalities. Still, most of these dogs are reasonably intelligent, loyal, and just the right amount of goofy (inherited from the Poodle side of the family). They are also rather friendly and playful - traits that both parents have, so it is not very surprising that they have these traits. Some dogs even inherit the love for the water, and most don’t require “alone” time. They are pretty social and will enjoy spending time close to their owners.

9. Bernedoodles are rather healthy

This hybrid breed is considered to be rather healthy. Mind you; it is still an incredibly young “breed,” so there is still much to be learned and observed. It is interesting to know that hardly any owner has reported health problems with their dog. There is a term “hybrid vigor,” Mrs. Rupke uses a lot, and it means that the first generation mix is healthier than both of the parent breeds. It is estimated that Standard Bernedoodles live between 12-15 years, Miniatures about 17, and Tinys up to 18 years. As a general rule - the smaller the dog, the longer the lifespan.

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10. Bernedoodles are kid-friendly dogs

Some dog breeds are better suited for family living than others. Bernedoodles seem to be a part of the first group. These dogs love kids, and their playful nature makes them great playing partners for older kids that understand how to play with a dog safely. Like any other dog, the Bernedoodle needs early socialization. Socialization will make sure that these dogs are friendly not only to humans but also to other dogs and pets.

12. Bernedoodle puppies

All puppies are cute, but shaggy, fluffy ones hold a special place among all puppies. Bernedoodles are precisely like that. They have incredibly soft and fluffy coats that make them irresistible. They are friendly, inquisitive, and you should start training and socialization as soon as your Bernedoodle puppy receives all necessary shots.

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13. Bernedoodle price

Many hybrid dog breeds became rather expensive. Well-bred pureblooded dogs can sometimes be cheaper to buy than a well-bred hybrid breed. Bernedoodles are on the expensive side of the story, and Bernedoodle puppy costs, on average, 4.000$. Tricolored puppies are the most expensive, and their price is closer to the 5.000$ mark.

This hybrid breed seems fun, and they are great looking dogs, but keep in mind that there are many unknown things about these dogs we have yet to discover. If you are looking for certainty, think about getting a pureblooded dog whose character and looks are known for centuries; just make sure it is from a reputable and responsible breeder.

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