King Shepherd - Royal German Shepherd Mix

King Shepherd - Royal German Shepherd Mix

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King Shepherd is another designer breed that is a mix of different dog breeds but should always have a German Shepherd in their ancestry. This is a developing breed, and even though they are not a fully recognized breed, it doesn’t mean they are not good at what they do.

Most King Shepherds are lovable, affectionate, gentle giants who have endless patience for children and a great work ethic. But like with any other designer breed, there are some things we should learn before we decide to go for one of these dogs.

One of the most significant issues when it comes to designer breeds is the absence of consistency. Designer breeds are crossbreeds, and each puppy they produce will most likely look different. They have some shared traits, but crossbreeding opens a path for different varieties and variations.



27 - 31 in



90 - 150 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

10 - 11 years

If you are considering getting a King Shepherd, you should first look at this list of things every future KS owner should know.

What is a King Shepherd exactly?

King Shepherd is a crossbreed between the German Shepherd and the Shiloh Shepherd. The Shiloh is a crossbreed between the GSD and the Alaskan Malamute, which give them specific traits. You can read more about the Shiloh Shepherd here.

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It is a large designer breed created with a specific goal in mind; to create a dog breed that looks a lot like the German Shepherd, shares their character traits, but has fewer health concerns and problems. It is safe to say that King Shepherd is an amazing designer breed, and it seems that their makers succeeded in their goal.

shiloh shepherd dogShiloh Shepherd - Photo by Don Cortell

How did this designer breed come to be?

Most designer dog breeds were created in the 1990s when crossbreeding and experimenting with different breeds were at their highest. That period gave birth to some of the most popular designer breeds in the world, breeds like the Pomsky, Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Schnoodle, Cavapoo, Cavachon, and many more.

This specific “royal” designer breed was created by two American breeders that wanted to have a dog that looks and acts like the GSD but has none of the health concerns that breed is usually associated with. To successfully do that, they decided to introduce different breeds into the working German Shepherd’s bloodlines.

Main differences between King and German Shepherds

The difference between these two dog breeds should be pretty clear. King Shepherds are more rugged, larger, more muscular, with a different coat texture, and has more color variations. These are basic differences between these two breeds:

                               German Shepherd                                                  King Shepherd

Height                        22 - 26 inches                                                      27 - 31 inches

Weight                       49 - 88 pounds                                                     90 - 150 pounds

Lifespan                      9 - 12 years                                                         10 - 11 years

German Shepherd colors: black, with cream, with silver, with red, liver, tan, sable

King Shepherd colors: black, white, tan, brown, gray, or silver, sable

What are King Shepherd’s temperaments like?

King Shepherd dogs are incredibly smart; they can pick up and learn new things very quickly. Their intelligence is connected to their direct connection with one of the world’s smartest dogs - the German Shepherd. Shiloh Shepherds are also intelligent, so it is not surprising that such smart dogs produce intelligent and trainable puppies.

With their family, King Shepherd is exceptionally gentle and loving. They are incredibly tolerable and will love hanging around even with children who are capable of bothering them. This dog will never react aggressively or threaten the kids in their family.

Their parent breeds are both working breeds, so these dogs love having a purpose and a job to do. They can easily be trained to perform any duties, shepherding, protecting, or just being an active family pet. Trust us, these dogs are active. They love playing games, going on hikes, or runs; they will gladly accompany you on your bicycle tour or a walk in the woods. They hate being left alone for too long, and if that happens, they are very likely to develop behavioral problems.

Intelligent and active breeds need to have their mind occupied to be truly happy. Think about getting your King Shepherd into dog sports; try obedience, herding trials, or any activity that will entice their mind and bodies. 

Getting them a treat-dispensing interactive toy is a great idea. Try the Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toy designed by Nina Ottosson and Outward Hound, and we are sure your dog will absolutely love it.

german shepherdGerman Shepherd

Are they hard to care for?

All large dog breeds need special care that will require some adjustments on your part. Large dogs are not the best fit for people living in apartments simply because they require a lot of room just to move. King Shepherds are also active dogs, so only a walk around your block might not be enough for them. Ensure them enough daily exercise and training so that your dog doesn’t develop behavioral problems.

Caring about their luscious coat is no cakewalk either. These dogs have thick, double coats that will require plenty of grooming and maintenance. The best way to make sure their coat stays healthy and beautiful, you should brush your dog at least a couple of times a week. Double-coated dogs (at least the vast majority of them) blow their entire undercoat twice a year, during the shedding season. At that time, you should brush them daily, even twice a day, if you want to keep the loose hair at bay. Even that might not be enough, and you end up with a home full of King’s hair.

Taking care of King Shepherd's coat will require time and proper tools. The Furminator Grooming Rake will help you with their undercoat, and their deShedding Tool will help keep their coat at its best.

If you hate vacuuming, get the iRobot Roomba that will spare you from having to do too much vacuuming.

Owners often think that longer dog coats need to be washed more often, which is not actually true. If you are taking proper care of their coat by regularly brushing it and cleaning any debris or dirt, you won’t need to bathe your dog that often. It is nice to have a good-smelling dog inside the house, but a bath every three to four months will do the trick if their coat is healthy and well-groomed. Make sure you check their ears and trim their nails regularly. Brushing their teeth or providing them with a teeth-cleaning toy will take care of the tartar and plaque build-up.

There are definitely breeds that are easier to care for, but there aren’t many breeds with the King Shepherd’s combination of characteristics and traits. If you are willing to put up with the care, activities, and grooming, you will be rewarded with a loyal, loving, protective, and wonderful pet.

King Shepherd puppies and prices

This is a stunning dog to have at home, and if you still think that this is the breed for you, you will most likely start looking into King Shepherd puppies. Just because this isn’t a fully recognized breed doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful when looking for a King Shepherd puppy for sale. Breeders of this breed formed the King Shepherd Club of America, and you should start by asking them for advice, and if they have reputable breeders they can refer.

The price of the future puppy is a big thing, and if you are looking for one of them, you will most likely be interested to learn about that. The average price of a King Shepherd puppy is between $1.500 and $2.500. It is not cheap, but getting it from a reputable breeder will ultimately save you money, even if you pay a bit more in the beginning. Reputable breeders take good care of their dogs and make sure that they not only look good but are as healthy as possible.

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