Cavapoo - Fun Facts You Didn't Know

Cavapoo - Fun Facts You Didn't Know

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The hybrid or “designer” breeds are quickly gaining popularity worldwide, especially in the US, where their numbers are rapidly growing. One of these designer breeds is the adorable Cavapoo.

The name Cavapoo is a result of combining the names of the two parent breeds; the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. Having two different breeds as parents makes the cute Cavapoo a mixed breed.



10 - 14 in



9 - 25 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

12 -15 years

We bring you a list of our favorite Cavapoo fun facts about these adorable little dogs.

1. Made in Australia

Just like the most famous designer breed in the world, the Labradoodle, the Cavapoo comes from Australia. Australian dog breeders were first to deliberately start crossbreeding the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. The idea was to combine the Poodle’s intelligence with the mellow, peaceful character of the Cavalier. The Cavapoo inherited other characteristics too, and one of the most interesting ones is that this breed barely sheds.

cavapoo smilingPhoto by: Steve Liffmann

2. Combined coat

As a mixed breed, it is expected that the adorable Cavapoo inherits characteristics from both parents. These dogs did just that, and they usually have a wavy or curly coat that barely sheds. As such, these dogs can be great for people suffering from allergies. Less shedding means less allergen “production,” and a curly coat is usually great for keeping dead hair tangled until you brush them out. A curly or a wavy coat also means that you will have to invest time grooming your Cavapoo.

3. Many names

Like with many designer breeds, the Cavapoo dog is also known by different names. There is no official standard because it is a mixed breed, so no “official” name was given to them. Some breeders and owners call these dogs Cavadoodle and Cavoodle. Still, the name Cavapoo is the most famous and widely used.

happy cavapooPhoto by: Steve Liffmann

4. Cavapoo dog can be large and small

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a relatively small dog breed, and the Poodle can come in three or four size varieties (depending on the standards). The future Cavapoo puppy can have different sizes, depending on the size of their Poodle parent. It gives you various options when choosing a pup. Smaller dogs are better for people that live in smaller spaces, while bigger Cavapoos can be great for people with houses and yards. Most of the Cavapoo dogs are 9 - 25 pounds and reach a maximum height of 14 inches.

5. Lovable character

One of the main reasons for Cavapoo’s popularity is their wonderfully lovable character. Again, this is a new “breed,” and most of these dogs are somewhat unfamiliar and have to be studied thoroughly. According to Cavapoo owners, these dogs are great family pets full of affection towards their family, especially children. They love playing with humans and other dogs. They are friendly and love having company. So much so that they are prone to develop separation anxiety if left too long on its own.

cavapoo layingPhoto by: Steve Liffmann

6. Cavapoo puppies for sale

If you are interested in getting a Cavapoo puppy, you will need to find a designer dog breeder specializing in Cavapoos. This is indeed a hybrid, but that doesn’t mean you should get your Cavapoo puppy without any prior research. Make sure that you get a puppy from a reputable breeder that places a high priority on the dog’s character, not only looks. The general population might think that mixed dogs are healthier, but that isn’t true. Mixed dogs can be prone to inherited diseases from both parents, so make sure your puppy’s parents were adequately tested. Cavapoo puppies are available in the range of $1.200 - $1.800.

7. Cavapoo dogs rarely come from Toys

Although Cavapoo puppies can come from different sized Poodles (Toy, Miniature, Standard), they are rarely bred from Toy Poodles. Toy Poodle popularity nearly destroyed the breed, and backyard breeders wanted to profit from a high Toy Poodle demand. Those irresponsible breeders didn’t care much for the dog’s quality and were breeding with the sole purpose of making money. That is why Cavapoo puppies are mostly produced by crossbreeding the Miniature Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Breeders believe that Minis are healthier than Toys, and future Cavapoo puppies must be as healthy as possible.

cavapoo on snowPhoto by: Steve Liffmann

8. Surprising prey drive

Don’t let their small size fool you; the Cavapoo is a descendant of two hunting breeds, so it is quite possible that they have a high prey drive. Cavapoos of all sizes can be prone to chasing animals they might consider as prey. Poodles are excellent prey retrievers, flushers, and gundogs, while the Cavalier was used for flushing birds. These genes cannot be deleted, and if your new Cavapoo puppy likes to chase small animals, hunting genes are most likely the reason. 

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