Why Does My Dog Pee When Excited & How To Help Him?

Why Does My Dog Pee When Excited & How To Help Him?

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All dogs will greet their owners with excitement after they come home. In some situations, dogs, especially younger ones and puppies, can start to pee out of excitement. As a dog owner, it is natural that you become concerned if everything is right with your dog. So why do dogs pee when excited? Is this something normal, or is something bothering your dog?

Why does my dog pee when excited?

Excitement peeing will, in most cases, be present in younger dogs and puppies. Usually, it will happen because the dog doesn't know how to control their emotions. This will happen because your dog will be so excited that he sees you that he will not even realize he is peeing.

In this situation, your dog will not even take his peeing pose, and he will rather jump, walk or run while peeing. That way, you can recognize that this type of urination is from excitement and that there is no medical problem behind it.

Since younger dogs don't have full control over their bladder, this type of "accident" can happen. In most cases, this will happen when your dog is suddenly awakened from sleep (like when you come home).

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Can you stop exciting peeing in dogs?

If you realize that your dog often pees from excitement, it is time to find a solution to this problem. Usually, this will go by itself as the dog matures and age. However, if your dog starts to pee every day, you will not want to deal with the mess he leaves behind in your house, and you will have to find a proper solution to help your dog.

Here are a few things you can do to remove excitement peeing from your dog's life

  1. More walks
  2. Award your dog
  3. Remove the trigger

1. More walks

As we said earlier, this problem will occur in younger dogs that don't have full bladder control at that moment. To help your dog stop with excitement peeing, you must take your dog on more frequent walks during the day. That way, your dog's bladder will be empty, and he will not be able to pee out of excitement.

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2. Award your dog

Excitement peeing will require your patience and proper training. You must understand that dogs don't do this because they want to, but because they cannot control their emotions. You will have to find a way to properly train your dog and teach him where he can pee. You must reward your dog for good behavior with many treats and praise. That way, he will be able to realize where he can and cannot pee.

3. Remove the trigger

The trick that proved to be effective is to remove the trigger that is causing your dog to pee out of excitement. If this happens after you come home, our advice is to be calm and not make a big noise about coming home. That means you will have to slightly ignore the dog for a few moments after entering your house.

That way, your dog will not get the burst of energy and will not be completely excited, which will stop excitement peeing. Many dog owners have reported that this trick has solved their problems.

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When to be worried?

If you notice that your dog pee when you come home but also starts to pee in different situations, you should be worried. The best thing you can do is to talk to your vet. In some cases, your dog could have a medical problem causing him to not control the bladder. There are different reasons why your dog could start peeing without any reason.

This is especially true if you own an adult dog and you notice that he started to pee in different and strange situations. Our advice is to call your vet and schedule a meeting to determine what is bothering your dog.

As with any health problem, the sooner you find out what is causing your dog's problems, the better his prognosis for recovery is.

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What you should never do?

Many dog owners get angry after seeing their dog pee in the house. You must understand that dogs don't do it on purpose; the last thing you should do is yell or punish your dog. Not only will they not understand what is happening, but the problem could also get bigger.

The best thing you can do is to stay calm and address the problem without punishing the dog. Try our three steps mentioned above, and we assure you that your dog, in no time, will stop pee out of excitement.

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I tried everything, but my dog still pees out of excitement.

If nothing seems to work with your dog, the next step should be hiring a professional to help you solve this problem. Getting an experienced dog trainer could help you a lot with this but also, with many different behavior problems your dog could start to show.

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