The Best Taurine Supplements for Dogs

The Best Taurine Supplements for Dogs

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Taurine is a protein that plays a role in our and our canine’s diet. This amino acid is more commonly associated with the feline’s diet, but dogs ingest it by eating their regular kibble. Dietary supplements can be helpful, but if your dog already eats well-balanced, high-quality dog food, taurine supplements might not be necessary. However, if your vet suggested it might be a good idea to give your dog taurine supplements, here is what you should know about them.

What is taurine?

Taurine is an amino acid that plays a vital role in different body functions. This chemical compound supports the brain, eyes, and heart, but the exact amount needed in a dog’s diet is still unknown. This compound is usually produced in the dog’s body, and healthy dogs typically don’t need taurine supplements.

Which dogs need taurine?

Dogs struggling to produce or adequately metabolize taurine on their own will need taurine supplements. For example, cats cannot produce taurine on their own, and the primary way to get it is through their diet. The taurine content in cat food is much higher than in dog food. That’s why your dog shouldn’t eat cat food too often.

What happens if my dog has taurine deficiency?

If a dog has a taurine deficiency, or simply put, not enough taurine in their body, there are potential health problems that can arise. One of the most severe health problems that can arise from taurine deficiency is dilated cardiomyopathy. Some breeds, like the Cocker Spaniel, have natural predispositions that will affect their ability to metabolize taurine. That doesn’t mean other dog breeds are safe; they can all be affected by this issue.

When to give taurine supplements to my dog?

The first and main reason to give your dog taurine supplements is if they are at risk of developing dilated cardiomyopathy. If your vet tells you there is a risk, you should probably add taurine to your dog’s diet to minimize that risk as much as possible.

The second reason dogs might need taurine supplements is if they are on homemade diets. If you prepare your dog’s food at home, you might lack access to some minerals and vitamins dogs need. If that is the case, talk to your vet and ask them if taurine supplements might be a good idea for your dog.

Here are the best available taurine supplements for dogs;

Dr. Oscar Taurine Supplement for Dogs

Our top pick for best taurine supplements for dogs is the Dr. Oscar Taurine Supplement for Dogs. This package contains 120 tablets, and each tablet is 500 mg of taurine and L carnitine. They have based the tablet sizes on the research done by the University of Georgia and Minnesota, where they concluded that 25-pound dogs should get 500 mg of taurine per day. If you have smaller dogs, make sure you give them the correct dosage. This is a vet-recommended product and probably the best choice currently on the market.

Nutrition Strength Taurine for Dogs

Some owners whose dogs have taurine deficiency have started giving their dogs the Nutrition Strength Taurine for Dogs. They stated they are pretty happy with how this supplement works for their dogs. This supplement also comes in 500-mg tablets, and this package contains 120 chewables. This taurine supplement for dogs combines taurine and coenzyme Q10 to promote a healthy heart. Plus, this product is made in the USA under FDA supervision, just like our top pick.

Herbsmith Taurine Boost

Our third option in the category of taurine supplements for dogs is the Herbsmith Taurine Boost. This product is in powder form, and the manufacturer included krill taste to help the medicine go down. This might be the right choice for all dogs that are on a homemade diet. You can easily mix it with the dog’s food, and your dog will get all the taurine they need. However, you have to make sure you make the proper dosage. You don’t want to end up giving your dog too much taurine and cause more problems than you solve.

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