How Much Water Should a Puppy Drink Daily?

How Much Water Should a Puppy Drink Daily?

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Congratulations, you got yourself a puppy. You can be sure that this will be your best decision. Puppies require proper care to be in good shape, happy, and healthy. Although it may seem like an unimportant thing, water intake is essential when it comes to puppies. If you are wondering how much water a puppy should drink, you came to the right place. We will explain everything you should watch out for regarding water and your puppy, and its potential health problems.

How much water should a puppy drink?

Every puppy is different; the amount of water your puppy should drink will differ from other puppies. Water intake will depend on the dog's breed, outside temperature, the amount of exercise, etc. But as a general rule, your puppy should drink 1 ounce of water for every pound of body weight. That said, if you own a 10-pound puppy, he should drink approximately one cup of water daily.

This isn't always the case; some days, your puppy could drink less, while on another day, he could drink more. The best thing you can do is to watch for dehydration signs. You should never allow your puppy to be dehydrated since it can cause many problems for him.

You can get him this water bottle to ensure your puppy is adequately hydrated.

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Water intake during potty training

During potty training, you should be careful when offering your puppy water. During the day, it is ok to offer your puppy water constantly, but you should take his water bowl before going to bed, so he won't have to go to the bathroom during the night.

Make it a routine for your puppy; after the last meal, offer him water, and then remove both food and water bowls, so your puppy won't be tempted to drink water at night and require to go to the bathroom at night.

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WORLD DOG FINDER TIP: Most puppies can't hold their bladder very long and, in most cases, will need to go to the bathroom within 30 minutes after drinking.

How to get my puppy to take more water?

Getting your puppy to drink water can be a problem for some dog owners. Luckily there are some tricks you can perform, and your puppy will gladly start drinking. Here are our tips on how to get your puppy to drink more water

  1. Always provide your puppy with clean and fresh water
  2. Place water bowl near their favorite place in the house
  3. Put ice cubes in the water
  4. Mix water with bone broth for extra flavor
  5. Reward your dog with some treats after drinking

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How to know if your puppy is dehydrated?

Dehydration is a serious health concern; you should be careful not to let your puppy gets dyhadrated. These are signs that your puppy is dehydrated, and you must know them all to help your puppy as soon as possible if he starts to get dehydrated.

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Symptoms of dehydration in puppies include:

  • Dry gums
  • Dry nose
  • Lethargy
  • Panting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Thick saliva

Overhydration in puppies

This may seem weird to your but puppies can also get overhydrated. This state is called water intoxication and can be dangerous and cause different health problems such as dehydration. Your puppy can ingest a lot of water by drinking it or indirectly while swimming or playing in and around the water.

These are symptoms to watch out for overhydration in puppies:

  • Vomiting
  • Bloat
  • Pale gums
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of coordination
  • Excessive drooling

If you notice any of these symptoms in your puppy, you should immediately call your vet and rush to the nearest vet clinic.

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Is my puppy drinking too much water?

Some medical conditions can cause your puppy to drink a lot of water. If you catch your puppy drinking more water than usual and going to the bathroom more often, there may be some underlying health problem that needs to be taken care of.

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Contact your vet and schedule an appointment. Some known health problems will result in drinking a lot of water in puppies, and they include:

  • Diabetes
  • Some medications
  • Kidney infection
  • Bladder infections

Besides these medical problems, your puppy could drink more water because of high temperature, a lot of exercise, or even if you change their food. So if you catch your puppy drinking a lot of water, you will have to figure out why he does it, and if it's some medical problems that are bothering your puppy, you will have to take care of it.


Water intake for puppies is essential, and you must be sure that your puppy is drinking the required amount of water. You must be careful that your puppy isn't dehydrated since it can cause many problems for your pooch. Although it may seem weird, puppies are also in danger of overhydration, and this problem can also cause many health problems. In most cases, overhydration will happen if your puppy ingests a lot of water while swimming or playing in the water.

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