Why is My Dog Drinking So Much Water

Why is My Dog Drinking So Much Water

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Dogs are messy drinkers, and sometimes, it can be hard to know how much water your dog drank exactly. Generally speaking, dogs need an ounce of water per pound of body weight. That means a 10-pound dog needs a bit more than a glass of water a day. Puppies, sick dogs, and lactating females will need a bit more. However, if you notice your dog drinking a lot of water, it can be a sign of health issues.

As a dog owner, you should keep a close eye on your dog’s drinking habits. Excessive water drinking can be worrying and can lead to water intoxication. Make sure you keep a close eye on your dog, and if you want to know a few possible answers to the question “Why is my dog drinking so much water?” read on, and you will find out.

Why is my dog drinking so much water?

Many things can influence your dog’s thirst. Your dog’s diet, activity level, and age are only a few different reasons for their daily water consumption. You should use common sense as a guide when it comes to your dog drinking water. If your dog seems to be drinking more water than usual, but there are no changes in their physical wellbeing, it is probably something to do with their diet. However, if you start noticing changes, it would be best to talk to your vet about possible reasons.

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If you start noticing changes because your dog is drinking so much water, here are the likely reasons for it;


There are plenty of reasons a dog can become dehydrated, and none of them should be taken lightly. Dog dehydration can become dangerous very quickly. It would be best to seek veterinary help if you notice your dog is getting dehydrated. Some of the reasons behind dehydration can be:

  • Hot weather
  • Exercise
  • Disease
  • Infection

Keep a close eye on dehydration symptoms, and make sure your dog doesn’t ingest too much water at once. The critical symptoms to look for are lethargy, loss of appetite, dry tongue and gums, and thick saliva. If your dog seems mildly dehydrated, but they haven’t started vomiting, give them a tablespoon of water every 10 minutes for a couple of hours. Make sure they slowly get hydrated and that ingesting too much water doesn’t cause vomiting.

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If you noticed your dog drinking a lot of water, the possible reason for that could be medications. Humans can have the same side-effect. Some medications will cause your dog to drink a lot of water, which is usually no reason for worrying. The most common types of medication that can cause your dog to drink a lot of water are;

  • Drugs for treating asthma, allergies, or inflammatory bowel syndrome. Those are anti-inflammatory drugs like prednisone.
  • Drugs for controlling seizures will cause increased water consumption in dogs. One of the side-effects of drugs like phenobarbital is excessive thirst.
  • Drugs for heart issues and diseases will cause increased urination, which will, in turn, cause your dog to drink a lot of water. A typical heart drug that can cause increased water consumption is furosemide.

Disease or illness

Some different diseases and illnesses can cause your dog to drink a lot of water. Make sure you keep a close eye on various symptoms your dog might experience and can point to different diseases. Some of these diseases or conditions are;

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Keep in mind that it isn’t always the disease causing the excessive water drinking in your dog; it may be the medication used for treating the disease. Talk to your vet and make sure they know your dog is drinking a lot of water.


A common cause that will make a dog drink a lot of water is diet. Dry dog food can contain just about 5-10% of water, and your dog will need to drink plenty of fluids to make up for it. Salty foods will also make your dog thirsty, which will cause them to drink more than usual. Keep in mind that high sodium foods can be toxic to dogs. You should avoid giving your dog too much salty food - it is not good for them.

What is water intoxication?

Water intoxication can be a life-threatening health condition that can appear suddenly. It is also known as hyperhydration and water poisoning. When a dog drinks too much water, the sodium levels outside their cells get depleted. This condition is called hyponatremia. The body will want to balance itself, and it will react to low sodium levels by increasing water intake in cells. Some organs, like the liver, can sustain that. Other organs, like the brain, cannot because it is surrounded by bones.

Humans have competitions in water drinking, and there was a fatal incident involving a 28-year-old mother of three. She chugged 2 gallons of water to win a Nintendo Wii. Dogs can get water poisoning from drinking a lot of water. Even things like playing with a garden hose or playing in a stream behind your home can become dangerous if the dog ingests too much water in a short period. Make sure you always keep an eye on your dog’s water intake, and if you notice anything suspicious, call your vet immediately.

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