Should Dogs Eat Raw Meat - Pros & Cons

Should Dogs Eat Raw Meat - Pros & Cons

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Raw food diet has been a topic for many discussions between dog owners in recent years. While some think this is a great way of providing nutritional value for their dogs, others are strongly against it. But what do the researchers have to say about this? Should you feed your dogs with raw meat, or should you avoid it?

As with anything, there are always pros and cons; in the end, this decision will be up to you. We will explain why you should and shouldn't offer your dog raw meat to help you decide. Let's start.

Can dogs eat raw meat?

Generally speaking – yes, dogs can eat raw meat. Raw meat will include all the muscles, organs, and bones from various animals, fish, and poultry.

Owners that feed their dogs with raw meat often claim that this is how the non-domesticated dogs feed themselves, and because of that, it is healthy for them. However, this is only partially true. Many things have changed since the dogs were domesticated, including their diet.

At this moment, we are not saying that you shouldn't feed your dog raw meat, but we are also not saying that you should. Let's take a look at a better question – Should dogs eat raw meat?

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Should dogs eat raw meat?

All dogs are different, and they have different nutritional needs. You can’t expect a young puppy that needs proper nutrients to develop properly to eat the same diet as a fully grown adult dog. The same applies to our senior dogs. They will need a special diet to get the best nutritional needs.

The diet of domesticated dogs is rather complicated, and we cannot simply compare today's domesticated dogs with the dogs in the wild from history. Many things have changed.

With well-balanced dog food, our dogs will live happy and healthy life, and don't be surprised to learn that a proper diet can greatly impact your dog's life span.

We will now look at all the benefits and risks of feeding your dog raw meat, and you will understand why giving your dog raw meat alone is not such a good idea.

IMPORTANT: You should be careful with denatured, often 3D and 4D meat. This type of meat comes from dead or diseased animals, and manufacturers often use this type of raw meat for pet food. Manufacturers are adding additional chemicals in the making process, and although this is legal, it is very dangerous and can cause many problems for your dog.

What are the benefits of feeding your dog raw meat?

Dogs can eat raw meat, but there are no great benefits if you feed your raw dog meat alone. Raw food is exactly that - raw. Fruits and veggies are best when they are raw. It is a lot more palatable, so even picky eaters like it.

The most significant advantage of raw dog food is that it is less processed than industrial kibble. Even commercially developed raw foods are usually safer than homemade raw diets.

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What is the risk of feeding your dog raw meat?

Like anything else, there are two sides to the story. A raw diet might offer some advantages, but there are some drawbacks as well. The biggest issue with raw meat is that it contains bacteria and parasites.

Things like salmonella, tapeworms, or listeria can hide in raw meat, and your dog could get infected. When owners prepare raw food at home, they sometimes leave large pieces of bone. That is a severe choking hazard, and the dog's gastrointestinal tract can get damaged. Raw dog food is usually more expensive, so if you run a tight budget, raw dog food can take a big chunk out of it.

Other concerns with raw meat are that it will not provide all the nutritional value your dog will need, and after regular consumption of raw meat, your dog could end up with nutritional deficiencies and ill.

Dogs need complete and well-balanced dog food to get all the essential nutrients that will allow them to live happy and healthy life.

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Is raw food good for dogs?

If you ask us, we wouldn't recommend giving your dog raw meat. You can offer your dog other raw foods that will provide additional value to his diet – like specific vegetables and fruits. There are many of them that dogs can safely eat and that your dog will enjoy.

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Make sure to check the list of healthy fruits that are safe for dogs to consume - Healthy Fruits That Are Safe For Dogs

Is commercial raw dog food good for dogs?

If you decide to try and give your dog raw food, we suggest you start with commercial raw dog food. This food will combine raw food with regular kibble, and it is perfect if you want to switch your dog to raw food.

That way, you can be sure that there will be no risk of bacteria and parasites affecting your dog. If you are not sure how to find the best raw dog food for your dog, this article can help - Best Raw Dog Food

After your dog has successfully switched to commercial raw dog food, you can try to give him raw meat alone and see what will happen. Don't be surprised if your dog will not a big fan of it.

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