Why Are Dogs Scared Of Vacuums & Tips To Help Them With Fear

Why Are Dogs Scared Of Vacuums & Tips To Help Them With Fear

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Dogs and vacuums…many dog owners know that these two things don't mix. Most dogs will instantly react when they see and hear a vacuum, some will bark, and others can run and hide. At that moment, you probably wondered: "Why are dogs scared of vacuums?".

We all need to clean our house, and we inevitably need to use a vacuum. If you own a dog that is scared of vacuums, this could be a problem, and you will have to find a way to clean your house while providing your dog with safety from this furious monster. Let's take a look at reasons why are dogs so afraid of vacuums.

Why are dogs scared of vacuums?

As we all know, dogs have extraordinary hearing abilities. They can hear sound on much higher frequencies than us. The loud noise created by a vacuum can, in some situations, be too loud even for us, and now you can imagine how dogs feel. Since they have better hearing ability, loud noise from a vacuum will be very unpleasant for them, which is why so many dogs don't like a vacuums.

The second most obvious reason is the smell. As you may know, a vacuum can create a unique smell that many dogs find repulsive, and they will move out of the way whenever they smell it.

The third reason is sucking ability. Even if your dog is not scared of the vacuum and he comes close when it is on, as a natural thing, your dog will want to sniff the vacuum, but when they come near, they could easily get scared.


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How to help my dog get used to vacuuming?

For every problem, there are always some solutions. If your dog is scared of vacuums and you don't know what to do to help him, there are a few things you can do. To solve this problem, we will recommend using 2 techniques. The first one will not require any special knowledge or training, while the second one is a much better option, but this will include that you will have to constantly work with your dog and be patient.

1. First technique – move the dog out of the way

The easiest thing you can do if your dog is scared of vacuums is to move your dog to a different room while you are cleaning. That way, if your dog is scared of vacuums, you will not give him an opportunity for fear to kick in. We recommend using this technique if you don't have time for proper training and cannot clean your house because of your dog's fear.

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2. Second technique

This is the most effective technique, but you must understand that it will require patience from your side. Getting your dog used to vacuums will not be easy for every dog, and you must be prepared to do the work. Before you start, you will have to get dog treats that your dog loves. You can check our recommendations for the best dog treats on the market - Best Dog Treats and How to Choose Them

1. Introduce vacuum to your dog

You will have to slowly introduce a vacuum to your dog. The vacuum shouldn’t be on. Start slowly and allow your dog to move and investigate the vacuum. Every time you get a positive reaction from the dog, you must give him a treat.

That way, your dog will connect this movement with treats and know that he will be rewarded if he doesn't run away from the vacuum. Take your time and move slowly. Don't make sudden movements with the vacuum so you won't scare your dog.

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2. Move vacuum across your house

After you have managed to complete the first step and your dog seems not to be scared of the vacuum, now it is time to move the vacuum around the house, the same way you would do if you were vacuuming. Take note that the vacuum should still be turned off.

Don't make sudden movements; allow your dog to get comfortable around the vacuum. Repeat this step many times, and always reward your dog when he manages to be close to the vacuum without getting scared.

3. Turn the vacuum on

Now it's time for the scariest part – you must turn the vacuum on. Prepare dog treats and be ready to give them to your dog. Ensure your dog is relaxed and slowly start to move the vacuum around the house. Make sure that you reward your dog often for good behavior.

This step is the most crucial since most dogs scared of vacuums are actually scared of the noise. You must be patient and move slowly to secure that you will be able to properly train your dog and remove the fear of vacuums from his life.

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What can I do if I use a robot vacuum?

Many dog owners started to use robot vacuums to make their life easier. Since they can clean your house without your presence, they can help us. If you are one of the pet owners that own a robot vacuum, to secure safety for your dog, you will still have to make a proper introduction.

Allow your dog to sniff and investigate the robot vacuum. These vacuums will not cause as much fear in dogs as normal vacuums. When it comes to a robot vacuum, there are some different concerns that you will have to take care of.

There is a possibility that the vacuum could bump into the dog in their cleaning process, and their fur can get stuck to the vacuum. In this situation, you can expect your dog to start panicking.

The only possible solution to prevent this is supervising your dog when the robot vacuum is working. That way you can be sure that there will not be any problems.


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From the dog's perspective, vacuums are furious monsters, and many dogs are afraid of them. As with any problem, if you decide to help your dog to get rid of vacuum fear, there are ways you can do it. Follow our steps, and with enough patience and repeats, you can be sure your dog will no longer be scared of vacuums.

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