Top 200 Unique Male & Female  Dog Names

Top 200 Unique Male & Female Dog Names

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 02 2023


Getting a new puppy is one of the best and happiest things you can do for yourself and your family. Your life will become full of fun and laughter, and your new puppy will keep you busy around the clock. One of the first things you will have to decide upon is the puppy’s name. Most dog owners want to name their puppies something unique, fun, and meaningful, but choosing the right dog name can be challenging.

Dogs have unique characters, and their names should celebrate and describe them. We are far beyond naming our dogs by “generic” dog names like Sparky, and dog owners are getting more creative in choosing their dogs’ names. However, having so many choices can become an issue, and it becomes hard to choose a name we are happy with.

Here are some of our favorite unique dog names;

Unique female dog names

unique female dog names

Unique male dog names

unique male dog names

What to look for in a dog’s name?

If you are having trouble picking the right unique name for your dog, you should know you are not alone. Millions of dog owners cannot decide how to name their pups, which is an issue that we share with dog owners worldwide. You should follow some basic rules when choosing a dog name, and these rules might help you narrow down potential dog names you should consider.

The good and the bad

Keep in mind that your dog’s name can be anything you want. Unfortunately, that is why so many people have problems naming their dogs. We are spoiled by choice, and when our hands are not tied, we have trouble picking the exact unusual dog name we want.

Short unique dog name

When choosing a dog name, you should keep the name short. Short unique dog names are quicker to yell if you need to get your dog’s attention or get them out of harm’s way. Shouting a name like “Ike” is faster than shouting a long, complicated name like “Agamemnon.” Agamemnon is an unusual dog name, but it is not that practical. Keep your dog’s unique name short and easy to say.

Commanding tone

Short names are easier to say in the same tone you would say a command. Having a dog means keeping them out of trouble, which might require yelling your dog’s name occasionally. Dogs have a unique talent of getting into the weirdest situations that can get dangerous if you are not careful. Giving your dog a unique name that you can say, like a command, is a good idea.

border collie with a ball

Distinction from commands

Giving your dog a unique name is important, but you have to keep in mind that you should avoid giving your dog a name that sounds like some common commands. Unusual dog names that sound like “Sit,” “Stay,” or “Down” are not the best option. Think of unique dog names like “Sid,” “Trey,” or “Dawn” as a bad idea that might confuse your dog. They will not be sure if you are calling them or giving them a command.

Family member names

Giving your dog the same name as your family member is not the best idea. That is a recipe for confusion, and your dog and your family member will not know who you are calling. It is best to avoid giving your dog the same name your family member has.

How to choose an unusual dog name?

If you selected a potentially unusual dog name for your dog, you might be wondering if you chose the right dog name. You should start testing it, and you should make sure you choose a name you and your dog will be happy about. Here is what the process of selecting a unique dog name should look like.

dutch-shepherd puppy

1. Create a list

This is a dog tip that comes directly from Santa; Make a list and check it twice. Pick the unique dog names you like, and make a list you can go over with your friends or family members. Choosing a dog name is important, and don’t get discouraged if it takes a bit longer than you expected.

2. Testing phase

It would be ideal to have a unique dog name picked up before your puppy arrives, but it isn’t a problem if you hadn’t picked the name before your puppy arrived. You should choose a few names that are on your shortlist and test them. See how your puppy reacts to these unique dog names and see how easy it is for you to actually say the name out loud. Some names might sound good in our heads, but when it comes to saying them, they don’t roll over the tongue as smoothly as they should.

3. Use it often and in a positive manner.

If you selected an unusual dog name you want to give to your new puppy, make sure you use their name often and in a positive manner. Say the name softly, and make sure your dog knows that whatever follows their name is pointed directly at them. Saying your dog’s name is not explicitly for saying when they are in trouble. You will mostly say it to get your dog’s attention, and they should get used to it as soon as possible.

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