Female Dog Names and How to Choose One

Female Dog Names and How to Choose One

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One of the first decisions you should make as a new dog owner is to choose a name for your new female puppy. The time when owners gave their dogs simple names like Fido or Whitey is long gone, and modern-day dog parents are taking a lot more into consideration when choosing an ideal female dog name.

Your dog’s name should be unique; you don’t want to end up calling half of the dog park when you call your dog. But there are different things to consider when naming a dog. You’d want them to stand out of the pack and highlight her uniqueness with her name. Your “bestest” girl will share her life with you, and you should choose her name to honor that commitment.

How to choose a girl dog name?

Choosing the right name for female dogs should be a steady process, as it should be. You should consider your own personality because a dog’s name reflects that as well. The good and the bad news is that there are no strict rules for naming your girl dog.

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The good news

The good part of that news is that it can be anything you want. You can name her after your favorite author, sportsperson, scientist, books, video game, someone from your family tree… There is no dog name police that will reprimand you for giving your girl dog a name like Alexandria Barkcasio Cortez or Grrrmione Granger. The problem with those names is - they are not practical. But more on that later.

The bad news

Some of us cannot handle the pressure of having too big of a choice. There is some truth to the expression “spoiled by choice,” and having too many options available makes us indecisive. Taking too long to name your girl is not advisable, and you should settle on a name within the first few weeks. There are many female dog names, and we prepared this article about names for female dogs to help you make a decision.

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Things to keep in mind when choosing female dog names

As we said, choosing the right female dog name can be a lengthy process, and if you don’t have a name already decided, it can be challenging to know where to start from. Dog names come in and out of trends, so don’t feel discouraged if you have difficulty starting. Here is our advice on how to pick the right female dog name for your new girl puppy.

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Create a list

The first thing you should do is start exploring different lists and create a potential list of the names that will suit your new female dog. You can easily find interesting lists of female dog names with more than 1.000 suggestions in one place. One of our favorite lists of girl dog names is the one created by PurePetFood. You can do that even before your female dog comes to your home.

Testing phase

Before you write a girl dog name in stone and you absolutely decide on one, make sure you try the name out. Try saying it out loud or calling it like you would call your female dog. Some names might sound cool in your head, but they just don’t roll over the tongue as nicely. Make sure it is not a name you will be embarrassed to yell out in public. You would be surprised how many dog owners end up yelling funny names at the park.

If your girl already arrived at your home, you can test the female dog name with her. Say the name to your puppy and look at her reaction. If her ears perk up or she starts wagging her tail, that means she approves. It looks like you have chosen the best female dog name for your puppy. It is a name she could be taught to respond to.

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Shortened girl dog names

Another piece of good news is that dogs often prefer the shortened version of their name. So if you end up actually naming your dog Alexandria Barkcasio Cortez, your puppy might respond better to Alex. That is not necessarily a bad thing. If you try saying “Alex” in a threatening manner, it is a lot easier than saying the female dog’s full name.

Your female puppy should understand your tone, and there should be a massive difference in the way you are calling her name. If you want to call your dog to cuddle, you will say it in a mild and calm tone. The dog should react, and she should approach for some cuddly time.

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However, there is a possibility your girl gets into trouble. She might be looking to run across a busy street chasing after a ball. You should choose a female dog name that you can shout and use as a sort of command. A short name like Alex can be shouted, and the dog can quickly react to it. Yelling “Alexandria!” after your girl while she is running could end up problematic.

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General advice on picking dog names for girl dogs

Choosing the right name for a female dog is not only essential to highlight your’s and her’s personality. It can play a vital role in her training and socialization. Here are some advice dog trainers gave us for picking a female dog name with training in mind;

  • One or two syllables - These names are very easy to say and remember. You can say them quickly in indifferent tones and grab your female dog’s attention rather quickly.
  • Hard consonant - Picking a girl dog name that has a hard consonant is a good idea. Female dog names like “Maggie” or “Betty” will have a powerful sound.
  • Command names - It is not a good idea to give your girl dog a name that can be confused with a command. Names like “Shay” can be confused with the commands like “Stay.” It is best to avoid these types of female dog names, so your girl doesn’t end up confused.
  • Family members - Avoid female dog names that sound like names of your family members. If you have a son or daughter called Alex, avoid calling your girl dog Alex as well. Both can get confused and will not know how to react.
  • Positive context - Make sure you use your girl dog’s name often and in a positive context. She needs to understand that her name is not a sign to panic and that whatever follows her name is directed at her.

Here are some suggestions for female dog names you can consider. Maybe you can start off your girl dog name list here;

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