Boy Dog Names and How to Choose One

Boy Dog Names and How to Choose One

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The first major decision all dog owners must make is regarding their male dog’s name. It will stick with them for the rest of their life, so you have to make sure it is a fitting and understandable name. You should pick a name you will love because there is nothing worse than teaching your dog their name only to hate that name after the dog already learned it.

Modern-day dog owners are taking their time when deciding on what to name their dog. There are thousands of options, and sometimes, having too many options is a bad thing. It can make us indecisive, and we can have trouble choosing a boy dog name. However, there are some general rules you should follow when selecting the best male dog name.

How to choose a boy dog name?

Naming your new adorable puppy is a long process, and it should be. You should make sure you pick the best possible name for your male dog. When choosing a boy dog name, make sure the name reflects the dog’s personality as well as your own. You can pick something from your favorite song or movie. However, the good and the bad news is - there are no rules when choosing boy dog names.

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The good part

The great part of this news is that you can name your dog however you want. The dog name you choose can be an homage to your favorite book, movie, song, artist, sportsperson, character… it can be whatever you want. Sometimes, we can become overly creative and give the male dog a name that is just not practical.

The bad part

The worst part is actually having too many boy dog names to choose from. Too big of a choice can become an issue some of us cannot get around. We can end up naming our dog something we are not entirely satisfied with. There is certainly some truth to the expression “spoilt by choice.” Luckily, we are here to help, and we prepared this list of the best male dog names which can hopefully help you.

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Things to consider when choosing a male puppy name

We are aware that choosing a dog name is not an easy process. If you don’t have your heart set on a boy dog name already, it can be challenging to know where to even start looking for one. The most popular and best male dog names come in and out of style all the time. Popular TV shows can have a large influence on that. However, there are some things you should think about and consider when choosing the best male dog name.


Before your male puppy arrives at your home, you can start by making a list of dog names you like. There are places and books with names that have thousands of suggestions in one place. One of these places is PurePetFood, or you can simply start by checking this list.

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Test the name

One of the things you can try out before you actually decide on a specific name is to test the name out. Try saying it a couple of times and see how it feels. Some names can sound good in our heads, but they just don’t roll over the tongue that easily. Choose a name you won’t be embarrassed to yell in public. When your puppy arrives, and you start walking them, you’ll see how many dog owners end up yelling funny and embarrassing names in the dog park.

If your male puppy already arrived at your home and you don’t have a name yet, you can test it out with them. Call your puppy by the name you are considering a couple of times and see how they react. If the male puppy starts wagging their tail and responding to the name, that means you chose the best possible boy dog name for your pup.

Short boy dog names

The good news is - dogs respond better to short names. Think of it this way - in the human world, people called William are often called Bill, and dog names work the same. You can give your dog an official, longer name and end up calling them by their nickname or shortened name. For example, you can call your dog “Axe,” but his full name can be “Axelrod the Magnificent.”

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General advice for picking dog names

Picking your male dog’s name is vital. It is crucial not only for you but for the dog as well. His name will be a vital part of his life, socialization, and training. We spoke to dog trainers, and they gave us some general pointers about choosing the best possible male puppy name;

  • One or two syllables - Dog names with one or two syllables are easy to remember and say. You can easily say them in different tones and quickly grab your male dog’s attention.
  • Hard consonant - Picking a boy dog name that has a hard consonant is a great idea. Names with hard consonants sound clear and, most importantly - powerful.
  • Command names - Choosing a male puppy name that sounds like a command can end up being very confusing for the puppy. It can sound like you are giving them a command, so it is best to avoid names that sound like a command (names like “Kit”).
  • Family members - Avoid naming your male puppy after one of the family members. It will become confusing for everyone in the house. The dog won’t know who you are calling, and it would be best to stay clear. Some family members might even get offended.

Keep in mind that you should use your male puppy’s name in a positive context a lot in the beginning. Your dog needs to learn his name and that anything that comes after it is direct at him. Use the name often, and make sure your dog starts reacting to it. Here are some of our suggestions for the best male dog names;

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