How Much do Puppies Sleep?

How Much do Puppies Sleep?

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Puppies need plenty of sleep, and if you became a new puppy owner, you probably noticed how much they actually sleep. Puppies have a sleeping schedule that is closer to lions than dogs. The average puppy will sleep between 18 and 20 hours a day. That might seem like it is too much, but plenty of sleep is necessary for healthy development and growth. Here is what you need to know about puppy sleeping.

Why do puppies sleep a lot?

When puppies are awake, they seem like an endless bundle of joy and energy. They are very busy soaking and studying the world around them. Puppies are getting to know their environment, learning proper behavior, playing, developing, and growing. These things can be pretty tiring, and puppies are often resisting the urge to sleep. They will ignore their inner clocks telling them to take a nap as long as they can. Sometimes, it seems they can fall asleep in the middle of playing.

If you ever wondered why do puppies sleep a lot, you should know how important sleep is for puppies. Puppies sleep so much because, during that time, their brains, central nervous system, muscles, and immune system develop. Plus, sleep provides them with plenty of rest during intense growth spurs. All of that can take a severe toll on their bodies, so it is not surprising that puppies sleep a lot.

Daytime puppy sleeping tips

Adult dogs and puppies sleep during the day. The more accurate description would be - napping. Dogs have a lighter sleep than we do, so they will require more time to fully charge their batteries. Sometimes, getting the new and excited puppy to go take a nap during the day can be challenging. Here are some tips that can help you with that.

beagle puppy sleeping

Do not disturb

Just as you would put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on your hotel room door, a puppy sleeping should be a sign to you and your family not to disturb them. They need to sleep on their own, and we are aware that resisting the urge to cuddle the puppy isn’t easy, but that is what you should do.

dogue-de-bordeaux sleepy puppy

Sleep space

Teach your puppy where to sleep. Make sure the puppy understands and learns that their bed, crate, or indoor dog house is a place where they can take a nap and be undisturbed. If the puppy seems like they will fall asleep, guide them to their designated sleeping space. It might take some time for them to understand, but eventually, they will get the idea.

Sleeping schedule

It would be best to follow a puppy sleeping schedule. Get your puppy used to taking a nap after playtime. That is a great way to ensure they will actually sleep. After getting tired from playing or walking, get them to go to their sleeping area and make sure they get rested. Puppies can sleep anywhere from half an hour to two hours. That is entirely normal, and there is no need to worry.

puppy sleeping on the carpet

Overtired behavior

Puppies can quickly get overtired. They are curious, and if they are having fun, they won’t go to sleep. Make sure you understand how overtired behavior looks like. If you notice signs your puppy is getting overtired, take them to their sleeping area, and get them settled for a nap.

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Help your puppy sleep at night

Like human babies, puppies will wake up at night because they cannot sleep through the whole night yet. That can be frustrating at first because you will have to get up when the puppy gets up. Here are some tips that can help you get your puppy sleeping at night.

puppy sleeping on back

Cozy bed

Make the puppy’s crate cozy. Don’t get them expensive things because they will most likely destroy them. Get them a comfortable, soft blanket with a familiar smell and place it inside their crate. You can set the crate in your room, so the puppy doesn’t feel alone.


Dogs and puppies thrive on routines. Make sure you implement a bedtime routine as soon as your puppy arrives at your home. They will learn they should go to sleep after you complete all of the stages of routine. Restrict their food intake for several hours before sleeping, play, cuddle, and then bedtime.

tired golden retriever puppy

Keep the lights down

Make sure your puppy’s sleeping area is quiet and dark. These conditions will let the puppy know it is time for bed. If their crate is wiry, you can put a towel or a blanket over it to make it darker.

Don’t give in

At first, puppies will protest going to bed. They will most likely whine, bark, and howl, but you should resist the urge to play or cuddle them. Give them time to settle in and go to sleep. Make sure you took them out for potty before sleeping.

sleeping cocker

Broken sleep

This is something all new puppy parents need to prepare for. The puppy sleeping schedule does not include sleeping through the night, and they might need to go out for a potty break. Carry them out quietly, and take them straight back to their crate.

Daily puppy schedule

Puppy sleeping schedule should be a part of their daily schedule. That means the puppy needs to get used to the routines and structures you set as their leader. Here is how they say a puppy schedule should look like;


  • A potty break after waking up
  • Breakfast
  • After breakfast potty break
  • 30 - 60 minutes of playing and socializing and a walk
  • Nap time (30 - 120 minutes)
  • A potty break after napping
  • Lunch

sleeping black lab puppy


  • A potty break after lunch
  • Exploring and playing - 60 minutes
  • Nap time
  • After nap potty break
  • Playtime
  • Nap time after playtime
  • After nap potty break again


  • Dinner
  • Walkies after dinner
  • Playing and interacting with family (or you)
  • The last potty break before sleeping
  • Get them settled in their crate or bed, and get ready for nighttime

Getting a puppy is one of life’s most incredible things, and even if the schedule seems frightening or overwhelming, take your time to enjoy your new puppy. Pretty soon, they will be all grown up. Establishing a routine, training, socializing, and raising a puppy will get back to you as a reward. The reward will be a well-balanced, well-behaved dog.

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