Pet-friendly Hotels

Pet-friendly Hotels

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Organizing a vacation or any type of travel where you have to stay overnight can be problematic if you are a dog owner. Luckily, more and more hotels are becoming pet-friendly hotels that allow dogs and other pets. Having to leave your dog behind can be stressful for you and especially for your beloved dog.

Pet-friendly hotels

The whole world’s attitude towards pets is changing, and businesses worldwide started to understand the significance of allowing pets to enter their place of business. There are many dog-friendly offices, shops, restaurants, and especially hotels. They are aware that we, as dog owners, won’t go somewhere where our furry family member isn’t welcome.

According to the 2016 survey by the American Hotel & Lodging Association, more than 75% of hotels allow dogs. One of our favorite things was written by the management of a small, privately-owned family hotel;

Dogs are welcome in this hotel. We never had a dog that smoked in bed and set fire to the blankets. We never had a dog that stole our towels and played the TV too loud or had a noisy fight with his traveling companion. We never had a dog that got drunk and broke the furniture… So, if your dog can vouch for you, you are welcome too.
The Management”

That is easily the best way to describe how we feel about people traveling with dogs. Psychology Today reported a study regarding dog owners. The study proved that dog owners are indeed more responsible than people without a dog. They are more physically active, they have better health, less likely to feel depressed, and dog owners have a longer life.

What to pack for your dog when traveling to pet-friendly hotels?

Luckily, pet-friendly hotels recognized the importance of allowing dogs to stay. Still, as an owner, you too need to be adequately prepared for traveling with your dog. There are things you should know and rules you should abide by. Here are some traveling advice Sara Ochoa, DVM;

Comfy blanket

According to Dr. Ochoa, one of the most essential things to pack is a comforting dog blanket. The blanket will smell of home and owners, which means it will provide enough comfort so the dog might relax during and after the trip. It is a good idea to have it with you in a hotel that allows dogs.

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Dr. Ochoa mentioned that collapsable travel bowls are essential. This trip might be a vacation for you, but your dog will most likely be stressed and confused by their new surroundings. Getting travel bowls your dog is used to will ensure they remain on a healthy eating and drinking schedule. That will spare you of any travel problems like your dog not eating.

Their own food

You must take your dog’s brand of food with you on your trip. There is a chance that local pet shops might not have the brand your dog is used to eating, and you will risk your dog not having anything to eat. Changing a dog’s diet is a process that usually lasts at least 10 days. Make sure you get a safe dog food container and take enough dog food that can last as long as you are staying at the pet-friendly hotel.

Leashes and collars

Taking spare leashes and collars is probably a great idea if you stay at hotels that allow dogs. Dr. Ochoa says that even if your dog is used to being carried around, you should still take a leash with you. She also mentioned that you should teach your dog to walk on a leash, especially if you plan on traveling with your dog. Leash walking will get pretty handy while carrying your luggage to pet-friendly hotels you will be staying in.


Dogs can quickly get bored when they are in the car or a plane. There is not much to do, and it is not like they will enjoy the beautiful sights. It is a good idea to divert their attention and occupy their mind with their favorite toys. You can take something your dog likes to gnaw on, so they don’t get overly bored while traveling. That is an effective way to keep them out of trouble and focused on something they really like.

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Plenty of water

This part is less about pet-friendly hotels and more about the trip itself. If you are going for a longer trip, make sure you take enough water for every person and animal inside the car. There is a good chance your dog will get thirsty, and you will need to provide them with water. It is better to take more than not enough.

Potty bags

Dr. Ochoa advised dog owners to take plenty of potty bags with them. Just because the hotel is pet-friendly doesn’t mean they will provide these bags and other dog supplies you might need. Make sure you are adequately equipped for the time when nature calls.

First aid kit for dogs

This is generally good advice for all trips you are taking with your dog; it doesn’t matter if it is just during the day or if you plan on staying longer at pet-friendly hotels. The dog first aid kit should contain medications, gauze, documents, and other things that might come in handy. You can find the full list here.

Pet carrier

Traveling can be risky for your dog, and the safest way for dogs to travel is in a pet carrier. There are plenty of airline company-approved dog carriers, and having one with you in pet-friendly hotels is probably a good idea. That carrier can double as a crate while you are sharing a hotel room with your dog. Dr. Ochoa said that the key to comfortable travel is getting your dog used to their carrier before the trip. Start introducing them to the pet carrier as soon as you get one so that your dog might be comfortable when you go on a trip.

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Have a safe trip!

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