Best Male & Female Irish Dog Names

Best Male & Female Irish Dog Names

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Picking the right name for your puppy can be challenging. You want to pick something that won’t bore you in the future but also highlight the dog’s character. You can’t pick something that doesn’t highlight your character, or possibly choose a name from your favorite book, song, or movie? It all sounds complicated, and sometimes, we have no idea where to even start looking.

Irish names for dogs

If you are a fan of the Irish culture, or perhaps you have an Irish dog breed, and you would love to give them an Irish name, maybe this list of recommendations can help you. However, picking dog names should follow some general rules. Here are some things you should keep in mind;

Short names

Short Irish dog names are better than long Irish dog names. You want to pick a name you can say fast and get your dog’s attention. Even a long name can be fine; you can use a nickname or a shorter version of the name (think Alex - Alexandra). In case of emergency, you want to be able to shout your dog’s name quickly.

Names that sound like commands

Picking a name that sounds like some of the basic dog commands is not the best idea. That is a formula for confusion. Your dog won’t know whether you are calling them or giving them an order. Avoid names like “Kit,” “Sway,” and “Trey.” It would be best to call your dog something that can’t be confused for anything else.

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Family names

When it comes to recipes for confusion, giving your dog the same name as one of your family members is not the greatest idea. Every time you call your family member, your dog will think you are calling them, and vice versa. Make sure your dog has a unique name that will be only for them.

How to choose an Irish name for your dog?

You should take a few steps when it comes to choosing the best Irish name for your dog. If you found your favorite dog name, you should make sure your dog will react to it. Here are some steps you can try before you officially choose a name for your dog;

Prepare a list

If you are not sure which name to pick, start off by making a list with your favorite ones. You can rank them and see which ones will work best. Ask friends and family for their input, but make sure you pick the final name. It is your dog, and you will have to live with the name your dog has.

Testing phase

When you made the list of dog names, it is time to start testing them. One name might sound great on paper or in your head, but it simply doesn’t roll over the tongue easily. You must test how easily you can actually say the name.

The second thing you have to see is the way your dog reacts to the name. Do their ears pop up when you say the name? Do they tilt their head, or do they completely ignore you and continue doing what they were already doing? You might like the name, but your dog completely ignores it. Pick a name that your dog will react to.

Using the Irish dog name

When you picked your favorite Irish dog name, it is time you start using it and getting your dog used to it. Use it often and in positive tones. Make sure your dog knows that every time you say their name, whatever follows is directed at them. In this phase, it is vital you get your dog used to their name and get them to react to it.

Here are our favorite Irish names for dogs;

Female Irish dog names

female irish dog names

Male Irish dog names

male irish dog names

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