How To Prepare For A Dog Beach Day

How To Prepare For A Dog Beach Day

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Summertime is here and nice weather has returned. It is that time of the year when we can enjoy many activities with our dogs in the beautiful weather and one of our favorite activities is taking our dog to the beach. Usually, dogs love beach days, some love running in the sand and others love swimming. Before you take your dog for a beach day, make sure you are aware of potential problems or hidden dangers that you could face during your trip to the beach.

1. Check if your dog is a swimmer

The first thing you should do is determine if your dog is a swimmer. Some dog breeds like the Newfoundland or Labrador Retriever are natural-born swimmers and swimming is one of their favorite activities and ways to blow their energy. Before you take your dog to the beach, you have to make sure of their swimming abilities. Beaches usually have tougher swimming conditions than ponds or pools so be sure that your dog can handle them.

If your dog is enthusiastic about swimming but is not very good at it, think about getting them a doggy life vest. A doggy life vest will help them stay afloat and will help them enjoy swimming and reduce the risk of drowning. Keep in mind that even if your dog does have a life vest you should still keep an eye on him at all times.

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2. Pick a beach

Not all beaches are the same and some are unacceptable for dogs. You should make research and choose a beach that your dog can legally be in (some beaches don’t allow dogs). If you are on vacation and are not familiar with the area, check out the tourist websites and find beaches or areas that are dog friendly so you and your dog can have a good time without anyone bothering you.

Many websites will show you which areas are dog friendly and that will tell you the rules about behavior. Keep in mind that some beaches require your dog to be on a leash all the time so try and be respectful of that.

3. Weather forecast

Weather can play a big part in your planned beach trip. Make sure that you check the weather forecast for the area you wish to go to and make sure there aren’t any storms or rough weather on the way. Some areas that are close to the sea can have big tide changes that dramatically impact the beach area. Tides can get in quickly and both you and your dog can end up in a tight spot.

Natural currents can be difficult for your dog to navigate too. They get carried away easily when they are having fun and can easily swim too far where the current will keep them from getting back to safety. Waves can also hurt your dog so make sure that the beach you are planning to visit has calm waters.

If the weather forecast is bad, think about planning your field trip some other day.

4. Freshwater

We can’t stress enough how important it is that you have enough fresh water with you. Dogs will get dehydrated a lot faster than you will so they need to drink more often than you do. Take a bowl and at least 3 bottles of drinkable water with you so you and your dog can take a sip whenever you need it. Your dog will most likely try and drink salt water which is not that harmful but will speed up the dehydration process. They will stop drinking saltwater after tasting it but will need fresh water soon after.

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5. Preparation

Keep in mind that you pack things your dog will need. You will probably take everything you and/or your family will need but don’t forget about things your furry friend might need as well. Other than plenty of freshwater, make sure you packed other essentials like plastic bags, their favorite toys, a leash, and plenty of their favorite treats. It is also a good idea to take something like an umbrella or a small tent that can easily provide your dog with enough shade. They can easily get dehydrated and even suffer a heatstroke after playing in the sun and hot weather so shade is a big priority for them.

These are some of the essential things you should take with you on a beach trip with your dog so hopefully, you will be prepared and you and your four-legged friend will have an awesome time and avoid any problems on your fun field trip.

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