Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

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Believe it or not, shrimp is the most popular seafood dish in the USA. Not only are they responsible for over 25% of all seafood consumption, but an average American eats more than 4 pounds each year.

These surprising statistics shouldn’t be so surprising if you ever tasted shrimp. Shrimp are ridiculously delicious, and you can prepare them in all sorts of ways. If you love shrimp and you are a dog owner, you probably noticed that your dog likes shrimp too.

Next time you have shrimp, think about your dog and maybe save some for them.

Can my dog eat shrimp?

Not only can your dog eat shrimp, but shrimp can also have some health benefits for your dog, you might not have been aware of. Like with other human foods dogs can eat, shrimp should be served plain and unseasoned. Adding seasoning to shrimp can have a counter effect and bring more harm than good.

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What are the health benefits of dogs eating shrimp?

Other than your dog’s physical benefit of enjoying the luscious taste of such quality seafood like shrimp, there are other health benefits your dog will get because shrimp are full of healthy nutrients.

Shrimps are rich in vitamin B12, antioxidants, niacin, and phosphorus. All these nutrients are very beneficial for your dog in the right dosage.

Vitamin B12 - this is a vital nutrient that significantly benefits your dog’s gastrointestinal health and balance. It also helps your dog digest food and absorb healthy nutrients from other foods.

Antioxidants - Antioxidants help your dog’s body fight the negative impact of free radicals. They are great for keeping your pet in the best possible health.

Niacin - Niacin is a nutrient that helps your dog regulate their enzyme functions and energy production. Not only that, but niacin is also good for fat production, cardiovascular functions, chemical processes, and much more.

Phosphorus - Phosphorus helps your dog’s bones remain in the best possible condition. It is often prescribed after trauma and fractures to help the dog’s body heal.

How should I prepare shrimp for my dog?

The most important thing you should keep in mind is that raw shrimp are not the best option for your dog. Uncooked shellfish could contain harmful bacteria that could harm your dog as well as you. Shrimp are the same and if you decide to eat shrimp and give your dog some, make sure shrimps are well-cooked. High temperatures are the best way to eliminate bacteria, and that is what cooking shrimp will provide you.

The best way to feed your dog shrimp is - cooked and cleaned. It is a great idea to remove the shell entirely because it can be a choking hazard, especially if you have a smaller dog that can have trouble swallowing larger bites. Shrimp shells can easily get lodged in your dog’s throat and cause them unnecessary harm. Make sure you do not add seasoning like salt while cooking shrimp for your dog. Dogs have delicate sodium (table salt) levels, and adding unnecessary salt to their diets can be counterproductive and harmful.

Preparing shrimp for your dog

If you buy raw shrimp for your home and decide to feed your dog shrimp, make sure you know how to prepare them safely. Follow these easy steps, and your dog will enjoy their tasty shrimp snack;

  1. Wash the shrimp to remove any dirt
  2. Peel off the shells
  3. Devein the shrimp (make a small incision along the back of the shrimp tail and remove the black line that goes along the tail)
  4. Boil water
  5. Add shrimp (you can also add veggies)
  6. Boil the shrimp until they turn pink and opaque
  7. Cool them (about 15 minutes)
  8. Feed your dog and watch them enjoy it!

A great way to feed your dog shrimp is also by buying pre-cooked, frozen shrimp that you can unfreeze and feed directly to your dog. Pre-cooked and frozen shrimps have already been thermally processed, so they should be entirely safe for eating.

While spices can be great for you and add additional flavors, your dog might not appreciate spices too much - especially hot spices like tabasco or chili pepper. Hot spices can cause stomach ache, vomiting, and diarrhea in dogs and should be avoided at all costs.

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How much shrimp can my dog eat?

Like with everything in life - moderation is the key. You can never be entirely sure how your dog will react to a specific food. You can either test them and feed them a small amount or make an allergy test to make sure your dog is not allergic to particular foods like shrimp.

You should start by giving your dog one shrimp, or even half if it is a small dog. Two shrimps are more than enough for dogs if you are giving them shrimp as a treat. You can always make a broth and add it to your dog’s regular food as a nice twist to their meal.

Shrimp are also rich in cholesterol, so overfeeding your dog shrimp can upset their natural balance and cause high blood cholesterol levels, and we know they are not good.

Now you know how you can safely feed your dog and prepare them a tasty seafood treat that they will enjoy.

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