Solliquin for Dogs | Usage & Side Effects

Solliquin for Dogs | Usage & Side Effects

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Like us, our dogs can be anxious or hyperactive. They are prone to certain behaviors humans find hard to deal with. Plus, dogs with any kind of behavioral issues are a bite-risk. That is something you simply cannot have at home, especially if you have children or other pets at home. If your dog bites someone outside, you can come into all sorts of trouble. Luckily, modern veterinary medicine is pretty crafty.

There are different products we can use to help our dogs with their physical issues and their behavioral problems. One of the relatively new products on the market is Solliquin. If someone recommended it to you or came across it, you might want to know more about it. Here is the most important information about Solliquin for dogs.

What is Solliquin for dogs?

The best way to describe Solliquin for dogs is as a natural supplement that will encourage behavioral health in dogs and cats. This supplement will help dogs feel relaxed, calm, and confident during anxious or stressful events. If you have a dog that is scared of vet visits, fireworks, car rides, or shows anxious behavior for whatever reason, this might be the right product for you.

How does Solliquin work?

Based on the available information and owner reports about this product, there is a clear way of how this supplement is supposed to work. The most important thing the manufacturer wants owners to know is that Solliquin is not a sedative. Dogs that take it will not be sedated like they are when trying products or supplements that deal with these issues.

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After your dog takes the chewable tablet, Solliquin’s formula will affect the dog and cause a calm and relaxed state. The manufacturer mentions L-theanine, Magnolia/Phellodendron combination, and Whey protein concentrate as the main ingredients that will make your dog feel more peaceful. They have created a formula that seems to be pretty successful.

Is it effective?

The most important question dog owners want to be answered is, “Is Solliquin effective?” We want to know if we buy this product, will it actually help, or is it just some marketing trick that wants to make money off of us. Our personal opinion is that Solliquin can be considered relatively effective.

We are careful with this review because this is a product that should take full effect after 30 - 45 days. The second issue is that the supplement is recommended with behavioral training. There was a study that aimed to prove the effectiveness of Solliquin. It included only 16 dogs and their owners. 14 out of 16 owners were satisfied and said they would continue using this product to deal with their dog’s stress, fears, and anxieties.

Is Solliquin safe for dogs?

Another critical question dog owners want to know the answer to is, “Is Solliquin safe for my dog?” While seeing your dog stressed and anxious isn’t pretty, not many owners are willing to “gamble” with the possibility of adverse reactions. No one wants to give their dog a supplement that could solve one issue but cause another. The good news is that dog owners shouldn’t worry about that. Solliquin is entirely safe for dogs. In the same study we mentioned earlier, no dogs were harmed, even when the test subjects received higher dosages.

Side effects of Solliquin for dogs

Like many other chewable supplements for dogs, Solliquin has the potential to cause specific side effects. That is not something you should be too surprised by. Your dog is taking a supplement they haven’t used before. It is entirely natural for their bodies to react to it. Luckily, most dogs have absolutely no side effects at all. Solliquin for dogs is extremely well-tolerated, and dogs usually only feel positive effects. However, the possibility of side effects still remain, and the most common ones are;

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite

The good news is that even if side effects happen, they are short and go away after 48 hours at max.

How is Solliquin administered?

As we already mentioned, Solliquin for dogs comes in the form of chewable tablets. The administration is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is give your dog one tablet a day. Your dog will most likely enjoy the taste of the pill. For even easier use, you can use treat the pill as a treat. The dog will feel rewarded, and you can use the dog’s motivation for a short training session.

Where can I get Solliquin for my dog?

The easiest way to get Solliquin for your dog is by ordering it online. You can read customer reviews and see what other people say about this product. Never underestimate the value of other dog owners’ advice and experience. More than once, such a piece of advice saved us money and problems.  You can order this product on Amazon or Chewy.

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