Best Holistic Dog Food in 2023

Best Holistic Dog Food in 2023

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Most of us watch what we eat, and in recent years, dog owners started paying a lot more attention to what they are feeding their dogs. We started looking closely at the ingredient list and recipes dog food manufacturers use, which is for one simple reason - health. If your dog is eating healthy, there is a bigger chance they will remain healthy throughout their life.

Why holistic dog food?

If you are not fully aware of why holistic food is so good, you might want to know more about it. The most important thing to know about holistic dog food is that it was designed to provide a balanced diet that supports the dog’s body. All of the ingredients are carefully chosen to provide the best possible support for specific health conditions.

However, not all dogs will benefit from eating holistic dog food. Dogs that are often sick have digestive issues or food allergies should benefit from holistic dog food. Dogs with no health concerns can get regular dry dog food. Luckily, dog food manufacturers from countries that have strict production regulations make high-quality dog food. They will choose the best ingredients, but they are freer to include some ingredients holistic dog food avoids.

Chosen ingredients

The best thing about holistic dog food is that its recipe has a purpose. All the included ingredients will benefit specific health issues. For example, if your dog has slow digestion, the holistic dog food you will choose should consist of specific ingredients that will aid the digestion. It might include high fiber that could help the dog speed up the food digestion.

What did the owners say?

Like with any other dog product, you shouldn’t listen only to companies that market their products. They have to sell their products, so it is expected they will say only what is best for them. That is why we decided to ask dog owners that feed their dogs holistic dog food how the new diet affected their dogs.

Most dog owners who switched to holistic dog food spoke with their vets before deciding to switch. It is vital you do the same. The best thing you could do for your dog is to make informed decisions about their diet by discussing them with a vet or a professional dog nutritionist. Luckily, dog owners that switched to holistic dog food reported significant health benefits for their dogs.

They said their dog’s skin and coat were healthier, shinier, and fluffier. Their dogs seemed to be healthier and more energetic. However, switching to a new diet wasn’t easy. Some dogs experienced diarrhea for the first couple of days as their bodies adapted to the new diet.

Here are some of the best holistic dog foods you can choose for your dog.

Holistic Select Adult Health

If you have a dog with digestive issues, Holistic Select Adult Health is the best choice you can make to help your dog deal with that specific issue. This holistic dog food includes a single high-quality protein source, so there is no need to worry about questionable ingredients that can trigger allergies. This dog food contains helpful nutrients and ingredients you might not find in other brands. Supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin will help your dog’s joints and bones, and omega fatty acids will promote skin and coat health. This food also includes a lot of fiber that will undoubtedly speed up your dog’s digestion. You can read more about the importance of fiber here - Best fiber sources for dogs.

Venture Smoked Turkey & Butternut Squash

Venture Smoked Turkey & Butternut Squash is a holistic dog food that is highly recommended by dog owners. Holistic dog foods like this one come at a higher price, but dog owners are usually prepared to pay a bit more for the quality they get. This holistic dog food has carefully chosen ingredients that are less likely to cause any kind of problem for your dog. This food doesn’t include chicken, lentils, preservatives, grain, lentils, peas, or fillers. Most of the fiber and carbs come from squash, and if you want to know how healthy squash is, check out this article - Can dogs eat squash? This dog food is a great choice, and it is no wonder dog owners recommend it.

Solid Gold Real Lamb, Brown Rice & Barley

Solid gold’s first dog food was a smashing success, and since then, they have manufactured “dog foods with a purpose.” The Solid Gold Real Lamb, Brown Rice & Barley dog food contains only the finest ingredients, so you can be sure your dog will get the best possible nutrition. This recipe is fantastic for dogs with digestion issues as it includes probiotics for intestinal bacteria balance restoration. This dog food is for dogs with no grain allergies, and it only contains whole grain as the healthiest grain option. It also includes plenty of vitamins to promote the health of the immune system.

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