Best Dog Knee Brace to Help Your Dog

Best Dog Knee Brace to Help Your Dog

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Like humans, dogs are prone to all sorts of health problems and injuries. There is nothing worse than watching your beloved companion struggle with basic things like running or walking. Unfortunately, dogs can sustain knee injuries, and they might need additional help. One of the best ways to help your dog is getting them a knee brace that will help them get around.

Why should you get a dog knee brace?

Getting your dog health support in the form of a dog knee brace is an excellent way of restoring their ability to walk and act like a happy dog you know and love. Dogs that are arthritic, have a luxating patella,  or sustained a knee injury will really benefit from a dog knee brace, and here are some of the best things dog knee braces can offer our injured or sick dogs;

Weight distribution

If your dog is injured or they have arthritic issues, there is a chance they cannot fully use their injured knee. A dog knee brace will help them distribute weight evenly, which means the healing process will be faster, and the injured knee will stop being so painful.

Knee support

The primary task of the dog knee brace is to provide knee support. If your dog has an injured knee, they could easily fall or further damage the weak knee if the support isn’t good. The dog knee brace will provide much-needed support.


Injured dogs (and humans) with knee issues have trouble moving around. A dog knee brace will keep the joint in place and increase the dog’s mobility during the painful healing process. All parts of the joint will be immobilized, which will allow your dog to become mobile once again.

Knee braces are usually a cheaper option

Some dogs with mild knee injuries will have trouble moving, and in some cases, vets recommend surgery. However, if the injury is mild, a knee brace can spare you additional costs. Dog knee surgeries can cost several thousand dollars. A high-quality dog knee brace will be a lot more affordable. Plus, after-surgery medications are not that cheap either.

Now that you know why getting a dog knee brace is a good idea check out the best knee brace options for your dog.

AGON Dog Rear Knee Brace

If your dog suffered a rear knee or joint injury, the AGON Dog Rear Knee Brace is the best dog ACL brace you can choose. Not only is this knee brace an excellent choice for injured or recovering dogs, but dogs with arthritis will get the stability they need to walk with ease. This product is made of smooth, mesh fabric, so you can be sure it is comfy for your dog to wear, and it offers the joint support your dog needs. Unlike many other dog ACL braces, this one has been clinically proven to help dogs recover from surgeries or injuries. Before you place the brace in place, you should wrap your dog’s leg with a bandage. The AGON Dog Rear Knee Brace has Velcro straps, and it comes in two sizes. You can be sure it will fit your dog perfectly.

Kruuse Rehab Knee Protector For Dogs

The Kruuse Rehab Knee Protector For Dogs has a flexible design for maximum comfort. It includes a hip strap that keeps the knee brace in its place. A great thing about this dog ACL brace is that it comes in different sizes and for both rear legs. This product can be used without the harness, but it is recommended for additional security and stability. Dogs recovering from knee surgery will need to keep their leg in the same position to avoid any damage. However, dogs are not known to be the best at remaining still. This is a great way of helping your dog heal and recover.

GNIKS Dog Front Leg Wrap

There aren’t as many choices for your dog’s front legs as there are for their rear. Mind you, front leg knee injuries are a lot less common, but if they dog happen, you can get the GNIKS Dog Front Leg Wrap for support. However, GNIKS is designed to support the whole front leg, not the knee specifically. If your dog suffers a front leg knee injury, you should talk to your vet and ask them for advice on how to support and help your dog heal. Your vet will give you the best advice regarding which front dog knee brace to choose. The injury or surgery your dog underwent can be unique, and the support they will need might be unique, as well.

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