Why Does My Dog Stare At Me?

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me?

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Have you ever noticed your dog staring at you like they are monitory every move you make? There are several reasons why they do it. In most cases, staring is considered to be a good thing, but there also can be some situations where the dog is staring for not-so-good reasons. You will never be able to figure out what exactly your dog is thinking while he’s staring at you. There are some main reasons why they do it. You need to closely pay attention to what’s going on around you. Here are some types of dos stares:

The dog wants something

Most dogs will quickly learn that staring at us is a way of telling us they want something. Maybe he’s trying to tell you that he’s hungry or thirsty or that it is time to go outside. It could tell you that he lost his ball under the bed and you can get it back. This way your dog will tell you that he needs your help or wants you to do something. In many cases, dogs love to stare at you during dinner time. They will stare to manipulate and get some of the food from the table. In the beginning, the dog would stare at you only out of interest, but soon as you decided to give him a piece of food from your table he has learned a new way to communicate with you. If you don’t like that your dog is sitting near you when you are eating the best thing to make it stop is to ignore it every time that happens (and it needs to start from puppy age).

The dog is confused

If a dog doesn’t understand what you are telling or wanting him to do he will stare at you with a tilted head. He’s trying to figure out what you demanding from him. So if you ask your dog to do something and he’s just staring at you it’s time to repeat training and retrain that certain thing. In most cases they are curious about what we are doing so they will stare at us trying to figure it out. There can be situations where your dog will stare at you because he wants you to tell him what to do. It could be in the middle of training or any other activity where the dog will stare at you until you let them know what to do next.

The dog is tense - he is exhibiting aggression

There are cases where the dog will stare at you right before he’s about to bite you. That is a completely different type of stare where the dog will give you a “hard stare“ right before he goes into action. if you are petting the dog, approaching his toys, food, or bed, and notice that dog stares at you with a stiff body, wide pupils, closed mouth, lowered head, stiff tail, and pinned ears give him space and back off. Move away slowly from the dog. If this is your dog you need to seek professional help to stop such behavior and learn how to properly approach the dog.

The dog loves you

Most of the time dog will stare at you because he loves you. Most people will mistake the look of love with the „hard stare“ but in fact, they are a lot different. If your dog swinging his tail has relaxed ears and normal-sized pupils that are the signs that your dog loves you. Dogs will stare into your eyes to express their affection to their owners. It is a well-known fact that staring between humans and dogs releases oxytocin, also known as a love hormone. That hormone has an important role in bonding and boosting feelings of love and trust.

The dog looks at me while pooping

Believe it or not, there is a good reason why dogs stare at us while they are pooping. At that time they are the most vulnerable because they are not in the position to fight. Your dog considers you a part of his pack and he will stare at you knowing you will guard him and let him know in case something bad is approaching. Other dogs may stare at you because they been taught as puppies if they poop outside they will get a delicious treat, so they might be impatient for a treat.

When the dog is staring at you in most cases he is trying to show love or ask you something. Stares between dogs and humans are great to establish even better communication. Be sure to watch the body language of your dog and learn how to communicate with your dog the best way possible.

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