6 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Hiding Under The Bed

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Hiding Under The Bed

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jul 16 2023


Have you ever wondered why your dog hides under the bed? In most cases, hiding under the bed and under other furniture is normal behavior. However, if you notice that your dog started hiding and he never used to before, that can be a sign that something is wrong. So why do they do it? There are a few main reasons:

1. Private cool environment

In most cases, dogs will hide under the bed to relax and take a nap in private. They love cool spaces, especially during the summer, so don't be afraid if your dog spends most of his day under the bed during hot summer days.

dog hiding under bed

2. Fear

If the dog suddenly hides under the bed, the main reason can be fear. If the dog is scared of something and wants to hide, he will probably hide under the bed. In these cases, make sure to watch your dog's behavior over the next few days to identify the cause for such behavior. There are many things that can lead to such behavior (fireworks, thunderstorms, vacuum cleaners, etc.). And they do it because they feel safer as it separates them from noise.

3. Anxiety

If your dog is under stress, he will go and hide under the bed to deal with his anxiety. It could be that something is bothering him or that he had a traumatic experience. Many things can lead to this state – you just move to a new place, the arrival of a new pet, the loss of a family member, etc.

dog hiding under bed

4. Your dog might be sick

If the dog suddenly starts to hide under the bed, besides fear or anxiety, he could be sick or injured. That is why you need to watch closely so you can identify the main cause. In this case, a place under the bed is not ideal for the sick dog because it's difficult to access it. The best thing you can do if you think that your dog is sick or injured is to go to the veterinarian for a checkup so he can determine if anything is wrong with your dog.

5. They found something they shouldn't have

There is a chance that your dog found some delicious treat or food, and he is trying to hide it under the bed. Some dogs will try to hide it, while others will hide and eat the food immediately. Also, that can be a place where he stashes his toys and possessions.

dog hiding under bed

6. They need a break

If your house is a normally quiet and calm place and doesn't have many visitors, in case you have people over, he will maybe need a break from all the different people who came to his home. The dog will hide under the bed and wait to come out when things are back to normal.

As we already said, in most cases, this behavior is not dangerous. If your dog is hiding under the bed, just relax, but be sure to watch the dog more closely if this behavior occurs regularly. Evaluate the situation and, if necessary, take the dog to the vet, and he will give you the best advice. To get your dog to stop spending so much time under the bed, you need to approach him carefully. Never force your dog out.

The best thing is to leave the dog alone and wait until he comes out. Give him treats and praises. Before you completely block the bed space for your dog, make sure you ensure him with an alternative resting spot.

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