Is Proin for Dogs Worth It?

Is Proin for Dogs Worth It?

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When our dogs get older, they face many similar problems we do. One of these problems is incontinence. This is not an issue anyone loves to discuss, but you might have to deal with it. Luckily, there are many medications that might help your dog deal with incontinence. One of these medications is Proin for dogs. If your vet recommended it, here’s what you should know about a drug your dog might be taking.

What is Proin for dogs?

The best way to describe and define Proin is - it is a sympathomimetic medication used for treating incontinence in dogs. If incontinence happened because the urethral sphincter has poor muscle tone, which can happen to senior dogs, Proin could deal with it. Their muscles are slowly losing their strength, and they are not what they used to be. That is something we are sharing with our dogs - our muscles will also start to perish as we grow old.

Proin for dogs is sometimes used off-label for treating the same issue in cats. This is not uncommon in veterinary medicine, and Proin is one of the medications vets prescribe off-label.

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Is it effective?

The first thing most dog owners want to know is, “Is Proin effective?” Naturally, you’d want to know if the medication will actually help your dog. It makes no sense to give your dog medication and risk side effects, only to end up with an ineffective solution. The good news is that Proin is very effective.

To get approved by the FDA, the Proin manufacturer had to do a study of effectiveness. The study included 119 dogs diagnosed with incontinence caused by poor muscle tone of the urethral sphincter. After getting Proin treatment, 75% of the dogs had zero accidents at home. Other dogs had significantly fewer accidents, and that is all dog owners need to know about the medication’s effectiveness.

Is it safe?

The second thing dog owners want to know is, “Is Proin safe for my dog?” The good news is - Yes, Proin is very safe for dogs. You don’t want to give your dog medications that will cause adverse reactions, especially since doggy diapers can deal with incontinence accidents.

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Proin side effects

Another thing dog owners should know about Proin for dogs is potential side effects. However, just because side effects can happen doesn’t mean your dog will necessarily develop them. In fact, most dogs handle this drug without any issues. However, side effects are possible, and dog owners should know what to look for. The most common Proin side effects are;

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficult urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability

In rare cases, some dogs might develop severe side effects. Keep in mind that these cases are very rare, but if they happen, you should call your vet immediately and stop giving Proin to your dog if they happen. Those severe side effects include seizures, collapse, and stroke-like symptoms.

How is Proin given to dogs?

Proin and Proin ER (Extended Release) come in the form of chewable tablets. They can be given to dogs as a treat, but if the dog doesn’t like the taste, you can mix it in their food. In fact, this tablet should be given to dogs with food, so make sure you give it to your dog around mealtime.

Proin is given to dogs twice a day, but the exact frequency will be determined by your vet. Your vet knows your dog’s history, breed, size, and health. These things can influence the vet’s decision about administration frequency.

Where can I get Proin for my dog?

The first step to getting Proin for your dog is visiting your vet. Proin is a controlled medication, and only a licensed vet can prescribe it. If you notice signs of incontinence, take your dog for a checkup and ask your vet if Proin is a good option for your dog.

When you get the prescription, you can simply pick up Proin or Proin ER in your local pet pharmacy. If you prefer online orders, you can order them on Chewy’s online pharmacy. In both cases, you will need a valid prescription.

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