Are Homemade Ear Cleaners Safe for Dogs?

Are Homemade Ear Cleaners Safe for Dogs?

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Cleaning your dog’s ears should be a part of your dog’s grooming routine. As a responsible owner, it is your job to make sure your dog’s ears are in perfect shape. Some breeds are naturally more susceptible to ear infections, and you should keep a watchful eye on their ear health.

There are many ready-to-use ear cleaning products you can order online or buy at the pet shop or vet clinic, but can you make an ear cleaning solution at home? Are homemade dog ear cleaners safe, and do vets recommend them? Here is what you should know about homemade dog ear cleaners.

How to make an ear cleaner for dogs?

Like many other dog products, dog ear cleaners can be made at home. The production process is not that difficult. All you will need are two ingredients;

  • ⅓ distilled white vinegar
  • ⅔ room temperature water

The water you use for your homemade dog ear cleaner should be bottled or at least boiled for 3-5 minutes. You don’t want to end up placing some bacteria in your dog’s ears. After you boiled the water and let it cool to room temperature, mix the two ingredients and pour them into a squeeze bottle. When you are not using the homemade dog ear cleaner, make sure you store it in a dark, cool place.

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This ear cleaning solution is easy to make, and you probably have all the necessary ingredients in your kitchen. Even if you don’t have them, you can buy them at a highly reasonable price.

Are homemade ear cleaners safe for dogs?

The shortest possible answer would be - It depends. Some dogs can use them, but others shouldn’t. The main difference is the ear’s health. Homemade dog ear cleaners can be used on healthy dogs only. These types of ear cleaners are for maintaining ear health and hygiene. However, if your dog has an ear infection, you should not use homemade dog ear cleaners.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Making your own dog ear cleaner might be a good idea, but talk to your vet first. Only if your vet gives you their blessing can you start using homemade ear cleaners on your dog.

Can they be unsafe?

Before you use any kind of product on your dog, you must talk to your vet and make sure that the product is safe for your dog. Just because something works for other dogs doesn’t mean it will be safe for your dog. Your dog might have allergies or reactions that will not be pleasant or comfortable. When you start using homemade ear cleaners, make sure you try it out first before you fill your dog’s ear with it. Try a tiny bit of solution on their skin and see if there is any reaction.

If your dog has a severe ear infection, you can use homemade ear cleaner, but it won’t help your dog fight the infection. If it is a bacterial infection, your dog will need antibiotics. There is no going around it. Antibiotics can only be prescribed by your vet, and the longer you wait and postpone proper treatment, the bigger the chance your dog might suffer permanent damage.

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When not to use homemade ear cleaners?

If your dog has a severe ear infection, you should avoid using homemade products, essential oils, or alternative “medications.” There is no replacement for proper veterinary diagnosis and treatment. If you notice your dog’s ear is getting infected, and you see symptoms like redness, foul odor, sensitivity, poor balance, or head shaking, take your dog to your vet. They can tell you what is wrong with your dog and how to fix it. In this case, you shouldn’t use homemade ear cleaners for dogs. Some other cases when you shouldn’t use this homemade product are;

In conclusion

Homemade dog ear cleaners can be good, but you shouldn’t use them in case of ear infections. They are only for healthy dogs and should be used as a “maintenance tool” for keeping your dog’s ears in the best shape. Before you use homemade ear cleaners, make sure you talk to your vet and ask for their advice and guidance.

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