Does Dyne for Dogs Works?

Does Dyne for Dogs Works?

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Dogs can sometimes need a bit of help getting over some health issues. If they are getting over a nasty disease or not gaining enough weight, dog owners will do anything they can to help them. Luckily, there are products like Dyne for dogs that can help us. If that is the case with your dog, you can read more about this product here.

What is Dyne for dogs?

Dyne for dogs is a high-calorie supplement that will boost your dog’s daily calorie intake. It comes in the form of a liquid gel that you can simply mix with your dog’s usual kibble or administer directly through an oral syringe. Dyne has a sweet vanilla flavor, which makes it great for even the pickiest dogs. The appealing taste will make a dog lick their whole bowl clean.

What dogs should use Dyne?

There are many instances where a dog might need more calories. However, the best way to determine whether your dog actually needs this product is by talking to your vet. Your vet knows your dog’s current health and medical history. Your vet can give you the best advice about this product, and it is a good practice in general.


Whenever you are thinking about introducing something new to your dog’s diet, you should talk to your vet and make sure it is a good choice for your dog. Here are some cases where a dog could benefit from using Dyne;

  • Pregnant or nursing dogs - A mother taking care of her babies can benefit from extra calories. It will make her milk more nourishing and puppies healthier.
  • Working dogs - Dogs that have to spend long days working in the field could use an extra calorie boost. They work all day, and the amount of calories they spend is significant.
  • Recovering dogs - Sick dogs usually don’t eat too well. Their body weight probably dropped, so they could really benefit from Dyne while recovering from illnesses.
  • Underdeveloped puppies - Puppies have a lot of developing to do, and they should be gaining weight fairly constantly. If that doesn’t happen, you can add some Dyne to their diet to help them develop correctly.
  • Picky eaters - Dogs that are picky eaters often don’t get enough calories. Other than picking the best food for picky eaters, you can also include Dyne to help boost your dog’s weight and overall health.
  • Stressed dogs - Dogs dealing with stress often lose weight. They can really benefit from getting extra calories in them.

Benefits of using Dyne for dogs

Whenever you want to include something in your dog’s diet, you should make sure your dog will benefit from it. It makes no sense to give your dog a supplement with questionable effects. Luckily, the benefits of Dyne for dogs have been proven time and time again. Some of the best benefits a dog will receive from Dyne are;

  • Dyne will provide additional calories to a dog. It will support their weight gain, which is extremely important if a dog is recovering from a disease or are simply underdeveloped as a puppy.
  • This supplement will boost a dog’s overall health. The main thing that will support a dog’s health is a healthy diet. Health can come into question if the dog is not getting enough calories, so supplements like Dyne can really boost the dog’s health.
  • Palatability can significantly influence what and how much a dog eats. Luckily, Dyne comes with an interesting vanilla taste that makes them eat their entire kibble.
  • Dehydration can be a severe problem for dogs. Many owners think that giving Pedialyte is a good option, but dogs don’t need many electrolytes. However, mixing Dyne with water is far more efficient.
  • A single ounce of Dyne will give your dog 150 calories.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you have a household with multiple pets, especially cats, you should keep Dyne away from them. Dyne should be given exclusively to dogs because it contains Propylene Glycol.

Feeding instructions

If you talked to your vet, and they agreed Dyne is a good option for your dog, you should learn how to properly dose and feed it to your dog. The instructions say you should shake it well before you use it. The best way to include it in your dog’s diet is by mixing it with your dog’s usual kibble. Not only will your dog get extra calories, but the vanilla taste will make them eat the whole meal.

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Dyne dosage for dogs

You should measure Dyne carefully because giving too much to your dog can cause slight GI upset. If you feed too much Dyne, your dog will probably vomit or get diarrhea. Here are the Dyne dosages for dogs;

  • Puppies - Puppies should get 1 teaspoon for every 5 lbs of their body weight daily.
  • Adult dogs - Adult dogs can get 2 tablespoons for 20 - 30 lbs of body weight up to three times a day.

In conclusion

If your dog needs a bit of help with their weight gain, Dyne might be a great option. It has a great taste and packs a calorie punch that will boost your dog’s overall health. However, before you decide to give Dyne to your dog, make sure you talk to your vet and get their approval.

You can easily order Dyne for dogs on Chewy or Amazon.

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