The 7 Favorite White Dog Breeds

The 7 Favorite White Dog Breeds

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There is something special about purely white dog breeds that make them look unique and elegant. Most dog owners have a specific preference towards one breed or another. All registered dog breeds have standards, and most of them have clearly defined colors they can come in. Their standard clearly says which colors are allowed within a breed and which color should be considered a fault.

We truly believe all dogs are awesome, no matter how big, active, or color they might be. They are amazing animals capable of loving and keeping us company even when we are at our worst. Because of that, we decided to list our favorite white dogs.

7. Swiss White Shepherd


The Swiss White Shepherd is a breed not yet registered in the US, but the FCI fully accepts it. These pure, white dogs are related to the German Shepherd breed, so don’t be surprised to learn that they are brilliant.

These dogs were bred for herding and shepherding, and their color made them easily distinguishable from the green and wooden background of the Swiss Alps. They have a thick, medium-long, double coat making them very fluffy. The Swiss White Shepherd is a fantastic companion to all active individuals and families that love spending time outside.

You can read more about the Swiss Shepherd here.

6. Bichon Frise

bichon frise in stance

White dog breeds come in small sizes as well. The Bichon Frise is a clear example of that. These tiny white dogs are bred for companionship, and that is their main goal in life. They want to be showered with love and affection, and they want to pour their owners in the same kind.

Bichons love spending time with their families. They are semi-active and will not be too demanding to look after. Their coat will require some maintenance, but nothing an average owner couldn’t handle. Plus, if you don’t like grooming, you can always let professionals do it.

Check out the full breed profile of the Bichon here.

5. American Eskimo Dog

american eskimo dog

The American Eskimo Dog is a Nordic breed whose coat can only be white as snow. These adorable little dogs make great companions that will love playing in the snow. They have thick, soft, double coats that allow them to endure extreme temperatures.

Not only do these white dogs have beautiful coats, but they also come in three size varieties - Toy, Standard, and Miniature. They share ancestry with other popular Spitz-type dogs such as German and Japanese Spitz. It is pretty clear why these dogs are described as “dog beautiful.”

Check out their full profile here - American Eskimo Dog.

4. Great Pyrenees

great pyrenees in woods

The Great Pyrenees is the largest member of the white dog breeds, and it is one of the most impressive. These huge dogs can easily weigh over 100 pounds and were initially bred for protecting livestock from their natural predators like wolves.

This is considered an ancient breed that came to life in Central Asia centuries ago. However, they were named after the region where most of these dogs performed their guarding duties - the Pyrenean mountains. They are heavy shedders, so if you are thinking about getting one of these dogs, make sure you have the tool and the patience to take care of their coats.

Want to know more about these large white dogs? Check their full breed profile.

3. Dogo Argentino

dogo-argentino puppy

The Dogo Argentino is one of the strongest white dog breeds, which is pretty clear if you only look at them. These dogs are muscular, agile and give the impression of strength.

Dogs were bred for hunting large game like deer and wild boar, but some owners started using these dogs for illegal fights. Unfortunately, they are still used today for these barbaric traditions. It is a powerful breed that needs to have experienced owners who know how to handle such a breed.

Check out the full description of the breed here - Dogo Argentino profile.

2. West Highland White Terrier

west-highland-terrier in meadow

The popular Westie is an energetic companion dog that seems to have endless energy. These dogs love nothing more than spending time with their families and playing. They are enthusiastic about everything they do and will gladly accept any game you’d play with them.

Westies had a different purpose before. They were created as vermin controllers for Scottish farms and barns. Even today, these dogs have strong hunting instincts that make them chase smaller animals. If you have other pets at home like gerbils, guinea pigs, or ferrets, getting a Westie would be a bad idea.

If you’d like to read more about the Westie - click here.

1.  Samoyed

samoyed running

Samoyed might be the most famous of all white dog breeds. These dogs are now mostly companions, but they were initially bred for pulling loads and keeping children warm during cold Siberian nights.

It might seem weird when you look at modern-day Samoyeds, but they were indeed a great working breed. They have thick, fluffy, white coats that insulated them and allowed them to endure freezing temperatures. They are energetic and can be problematic to train, but you will end up with an amazing family companion if you put in time and effort.

Check out the full breed profile of the adorable Samoyed here.

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