American Eskimo dog

The American Eskimo dog is a member of the Nordic dog breeds. They are a part of the Spitz family and are famous for their pure, snowy white coat and dark eyes. There are three variations of this breed - Toy, Miniature, and Standard. These dogs are related to other popular Spitz breeds such as Japanese, German, Volpino Italiano, and Samoyed.

There is a popular nickname for these dogs that was given to them by breeders and owners of the popular Eskie and that nickname is “dog beautiful”. This small companion breed is full of love and admiration for its family but is mostly reserved when it comes to strangers. They are known to have a “big dog” attitude.

These dogs have just the happiest and best of personalities, a beautiful white coat, and they are quite intelligent. All of those characteristics combined make them an admirable and popular family pet. Their intelligence is at a pretty high level and is one of the characteristics that are most famous about these dogs. Thanks to that they excel at dog sports that require them to use their brains and problem-solving skills. It can be obedience, agility, tricks, or conformation - these dogs can do it all. It is interesting to know that these dogs were famous circus performers in the 19th century and have traveled across the US dazzling audiences with their performance.

adult american eskimo dogPhoto by: Karen Conrad

American Eskimo Dog owners describe these dogs as being “interactive”. They like to talk to you and are quite vocal. Some owners say that they talk to their dogs.

Eskie loves to chew things. They are enthusiastic chewers and you will need to supply them with enough chew toys for them not to start chewing on household items like furniture or even your shoes or slippers. They are highly sociable and love to be around people, other pets, and children.

American Eskimo dog Height


9-19 in (23-48 cm)

American Eskimo dog Weight


6-35 lb (3-16 kg)

American Eskimo dog Origin



American Eskimo dog Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

13-15 years

Dog Breed Characteristics

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FCI standard

This breed is not registered by the Federation Cynologique Internationale.

AKC standard

This is an American dog breed so it is no wonder these dogs are registered and accepted by the governing cynology association of the United States of America - the American Kennel Club. This association has a standard in place for these dogs and that standard describes them as being a loving companion that depicts agility and strength. These are beautiful and alert dogs.

This standard has a required size for all three variations of this breed and these sizes are:

Toy - 9 - 12 in (23 - 30 cm) including 12 in (30 cm)

Miniature - 12 - 15 in (30 - 38 cm) including 15 in (38 cm)

Standard - 15 - 19 in (38 - 48 cm)

This breed was registered by the AKC in 1994.

eskimo dog in stancePhoto by: Karen Conrad

American Eskimo dog breeders

If you are looking to get one of these dogs, make sure you buy one from a registered and reputable American Eskimo Dog breeder. Good breeders will take care of all the characteristics their dogs have. Character is at least equally important as looks and a good breeder will keep both in mind when breeding their dogs. They can be a great friend and support throughout your puppy’s life.


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