Pomeranian From a Different Perspective

Pomeranian From a Different Perspective

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Pomeranians are one of the most popular companion dogs in the world, and there is a good reason for it. The social media star Boo certainly played a big part in making Poms popular, but these dogs did very well even before that.

Before you get any dog breed, you should hear what other owners say. Poms are often thought of as a fashion accessory. The truth is far from it, and they are living beings with various needs. We wanted to show you what Pomeranians are really like and let you in on what other owners told us.

What Kind of Pet is the Pomeranian?

There is a pretty good reason Poms are so popular. Not only are they adorable, but they also make excellent pets. They have a sense of importance, and some owners even described them as a bit “cocky.”

These dogs are active, making it tricky for some owners who want to get them because they are cute and small. Keep in mind that these dogs are still dogs. They will require daily walks and training. Plus, they are relatively smart, so training and socialization is a must.

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They have a thick coat, which will require some grooming and brushing. Make it your weekly routine, and pretty soon, you and your dog will be used to it. Some owners prefer to leave that job to professionals, but that doesn’t mean that you could stop brushing them entirely. Investing in a durable de-shedding tool and brush like the FURminator is probably a good idea.

Poms make great dogs for people that live in apartments. They are tiny, so any living condition will do. They aren’t the best fit for families with small kids because children that don’t understand how to treat a dog can easily hurt them.

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Pros of Owning a Pomeranian

Poms are independent dogs that don’t need constant attention and care. They are a breed that could be easily taken care of if their physical needs are fulfilled. They are really awesome, and these are the best things about them;

Fluffy coat

Pomeranians have really soft and fluffy coats, which make them great cuddling partners. They are soft, like little clouds that sit on your lap.


There are a lot of benefits that go hand-in-hand with owning a small dog. They eat less, their toys are smaller, beds, crates, and leashes are smaller, and they are generally cheaper to maintain.

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Friendly character

Pomeranians are overall friendly. They have a character that goes along great with other dogs and cats. They love playing and will gladly be your partner in whatever adventure you plan for them.

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Cons of Owning a Pomeranian

Unfortunately, not everything about the adorable Pomeranian can be considered a benefit. If you are a person that doesn’t like grooming or having an active little dog, the Pom might not be the best choice for you. Here are some negative sides to owning these dogs.

Coat care

Owning a Pomeranian will require quite a bit of grooming. They have thick double coats that shed rather heavily. Even if you decide to visit a professional dog groomer, you will still need to brush your dog a couple of times a week. Plus, you will probably find dog hair everywhere you go.

Potty training

Potty training can be a problem for these dogs. They can be a bit stubborn at first, and they are tiny. Sneaking and doing their business unnoticed is their specialty. Puddles can even go unnoticed for days, and dogs, in general, tend to go in the area that already smells like urine.

Activity levels

New Pomeranian owners are often surprised at how active these dogs actually are. They come from a Nordic family of dog breeds that were used for hard labor. They might be a long way from the historic working Pomeranians, but their activity remains the same.

pomeranian profile

Pomeranian from the Owner’s Perspective

If you think of getting a Pomeranian, the most valuable information will come from other Pomeranian owners. Individual dogs might be different, but breed traits are generally the same. You need to think about different aspects, so we asked a couple of Pomeranian owners worldwide to let us in on their dogs’ temperaments. Here is what we found out.

We spoke to Taryn from Rutland, Vermont. She has three adorable dogs - a Chihuahua, a Cattle Dog, and a Pomeranian. Another addition to the canine family is her lovely cat.

We asked her what Otto (her Pom) is like, and she said,

Otto is VERY active. I think a lot of people tend to think of Poms as an “accessory” breed, but they are actually very energetic, strong, and playful. Mine is always on the move and has no problem keeping up with his 30 lb Cattle Dog brother.”

Naturally, we were still curious, so she continued,

He loves his brother (cattle dog) and sister (Chihuahua), and his cat sister, too. If he’s not instigating play with them, he is trying to clean their ears or cuddle.
His favorite activity of all time is probably eating (haha). But he also loves playing with sticks, running around the backyard, swimming, hiking, staring out the window at birds in the backyard, being brushed, and cuddling on the couch.” He might be a small dog but has a personality of a much larger breed, especially the courage of one.

We asked Taryn what she would advise to any new Pomeranian owners. She said,

One piece of advice I would give people is to not forget that, even though Poms are small and cute, they are still a real dog and need proper training and exercise just like any other dog to be physically and emotionally healthy.”

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Since every dog is unique, we asked for a second opinion from an aspiring Pomeranian breeder with four females and one male Pomeranian. Her name is Patricia, and she is from Zagreb, Croatia.

She told us,

Chase is a 10 months old, bought from Russia, the only male Pomeranian dog I have (the rest are the females). Always attentive, lively, and extremely affectionate.
He is very obedient and easy to train. Like for example, potty training was easiest with him, as well as show ring training.
His distrust of strangers and lack of hunting instinct predestined him, as well as my females, to be the ideal guardians of the house and yard. Chase is neither timid nor aggressive.”

What are the females like? She told us quite a different story.

Unlike Chase, my females are different character and physics wise. They are harder to train; they are very stubborn and headstrong; if I take only one of them for the walk, the rest will make a huge mess until we get back home. Since they are still too young to mate, we have to separate them all the time from Chase.”

What is it like to have 5 Pomeranians at home? We asked her.

Like having 5 demanding kids. The last time I had a good night’s sleep was before I got them. Now I'm waking up at 5:30, 6:00 AM (it depends on their mood) to feed, walk, and play with them.
It's not easy at all, but with it love they give me - I cannot complain, I just adore them.”

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pomeranian puppy

If you are thinking about getting a Pom, it would be good to get them a cozy bed to sleep in. The Puppy Bed for Small Dogs will be their favorite place to rest.

Pomeranian fun facts

Here at World Dog Finder, we are huge fans of small companion breeds. It was only natural to find some cool and fun facts about Pomeranians, and we weren’t disappointed. Here are some facts we stumbled upon.

Named after Pomerania

The famous Pomeranians come from the historical region of Pomerania. This region is in the northern part of Europe, and it covers the modern territory of Eastern Germany and Western Poland.

Pomeranian twins

Pomeranians are among the few breeds that can get twins. This is almost unheard of in the canine kingdom. Each twin has its own embryonic sack, but they share one umbilical cord.

Two Poms survived the Titanic

There were a total of 12 dogs on the Titanic, and only three survived. Two of them were Poms. One was Elizabeth Rothschild’s, and the other was Margaret Bechstein Hays’. Both ladies refused to climb aboard lifeboats without their dogs.

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Famous owners

Nothing can describe the Pomeranian’s popularity better than the list of famous owners who chose Poms as their companions. Renowned Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo had one, Queen Victoria, Mozart, Teddy Roosevelt, Chopin, and Katy Perry.

Getting a Pomeranian puppy

The most important thing you can do as a future owner is to get a healthy, well-bred dog. These dogs might be small, and they may not be too expensive to maintain, but that can easily change if you get a poorly-bred Pomeranian puppy that will have health issues. Vet visits are not cheap, and having a dog with poor health can be extremely expensive.

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Getting in touch with a responsible breeder is the first thing you should do. Read as much as you can about Pomeranians, and don’t be blinded by their cuteness. They are still lively dogs that need everything big dogs need - they only come in small packages.

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