Pocket Beagle - What do Breeders Think About Them

Pocket Beagle - What do Breeders Think About Them

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Pocket Beagles are still pureblooded dogs; they are simply smaller than the average Beagle. Dog owners seem to love getting smaller versions of pureblooded dogs, and Beagles are not the only breed that has miniature versions of themselves. Some of the breeds that have a miniature, teacup, or pocket versions are

Even the popular crossbreeds like the Labradoodle or the Goldendoodle have miniature versions. However, there is a slight difference between breeding crossbreeds and creating miniature pureblooded dogs. If you are interested in pocket Beagles, there are some things you should know about them. 

What kind of a pet is a pocket Beagle?

Pocket Beagles are still Beagles. If they are healthy, there is no reason you should expect them to behave differently than your average, standard Beagle. They are a part of the scenthound family, which means they have a sensitive nose that can get them into trouble. Scenthounds, like the pocket Beagle, have a tendency to follow an interesting scent with complete disregard of safety and their environment.

beagle running in park

Most pocket Beagle owners describe their miniature dogs as happy, friendly, and enthusiastic. In fact, there is little to no difference between standard and pocket Beagles; the main difference is their size. These dogs are super friendly and playful, which makes them ideal companions to children in the family. Pocket Beagle’s endless energy will come in very handy when toddlers want to play. The friendly Beagle nature will make sure your kids have an ideal playing partner.

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Another typical trait pocket Beagles have is - their love for having company. These dogs hate being alone, and they will want to be included in everything their family does. These small charming dogs will be ideal pets for active families that love spending time in nature and in the open. Make sure you provide your pocket Beagle with plenty of exercises and physical activity.

What’s the difference between a pocket Beagle and a “normal” Beagle?

On the surface, it would be easy to assume the only difference is the size of the dog. However, to understand the difference, we need to understand why pocket Beagles are not recognized and how they are produced. Owners might love them, but we spoke to some Beagle breeders, and they don’t seem too happy about the creation or breeding of pocket Beagles.

standard beagle

How are pocket Beagles produced?

You can notice, we used the word “produced” and not “bred,” and there is a good reason for that. There are a couple of ways dog breeders can produce tiny versions of standard dog breeds, and that practice is packed with bad decisions and practices. The first way to produce pocket Beagles is by breeding the runt of the litter.

Runt of the litter

The runt of the litter is a term used to describe the smallest, weakest, and unhealthiest puppies from a litter of standard breed, in this case, Beagles. Usually, these puppies would not survive, and their mothers might even discard them due to their poor physical development. These dogs will never grow enough to be considered a “normal” part of the breed. Unfortunately, that is just how nature works.

Dog breeders that want to produce “pocket” or “miniature” versions of a breed take these small dogs and breed them. It is considered a standard practice that the runt of the litter is never bred. They can bring in all sorts of genetic problems to otherwise healthy bloodlines.

Health issues

When two small, unhealthy dogs breed, they produce other small, sick puppies. The biggest issue with getting pocket versions of any breed is their health. Most responsible sources will advise against buying such dogs, and we are one of them. If you love dogs, you should never buy a pocket dog. The same works for pocket Beagles - you are encouraging and financing unhealthy breeding practices and helping unethical dog breeders finance their questionable practices. The list of health issues found in these dogs is endless, but we will mention the most common ones;

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If you look closer at pocket Beagles and standard Beagles, the clear difference between them is not only their size but health issues as well. Pocket Beagles are unhealthy, weak, and live about 2.5 years shorter than standard Beagles. Pocket or miniature Beagles cannot be registered with AKC, and they cannot compete in dog shows. These dogs are not up to the standard this breed is supposed to be.

The other difference is their size. Pocket Beagles are usually between 7 - 12 inches tall, and they weigh between 7 - 15 pounds. Standard Beagles are 13 - 15 inches tall and weigh 20 - 31 pounds. The size difference is pretty straightforward.

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What do breeders say about pocket Beagles?

We were always wondering what dog breeders think about hybrids, crossbreeds, and teacup dogs. We decided to talk to a few dog breeders and find out their opinion about pocket Beagles. We spoke to a lovely 74-year-old Beagle breeder from Sussex, England, Mr. Joseph, whose family is breeding these dogs for more than 60 years. Here is what Mr. Joseph told us;

I personally don’t understand the need for “pocket-sizing” this wonderful breed. Beagles are a historic breed that had a purpose. I understand that times are changing, and dog breeds need to adapt to fit the modern world where they probably won’t hunt. Isn’t it enough that we already started breeding the hunting instinct out of the breed? Why do we need to make them smaller?
Beagles are already, in my opinion, small enough, and they are the most wonderful breed. I simply cannot understand why those “breeders” would take the unhealthiest dogs and produce sickly puppies. What is more confusing is that someone would buy such dogs.

beagle laying down

Mr. Joseph, do you think dog owners know how these dogs are bred?

No, I don’t think they do. I get that some people might want to earn money by breeding dogs, but breeding pocket Beagles does more harm to the breed as a whole than it does good. If it was up to me, breeding of this type would be forbidden, and those breeders should be fined.

It is clear to see that dog breeders are not really happy about the development and “pocket breeding.” Mr. Joseph is not the only one that gave us this information, but he was the only one willing to go on record.

In conclusion

We certainly understand the appeal tiny versions of standard breeds have, but we cannot justify buying these dogs. We believe that you should never purchase a pocket breed version, and the same goes for pocket Beagles. If you are adamant about getting a pocket Beagle, it would be a lot wiser to look at the Beagle rescue option and check if they have tiny dogs that need a new home. Keep in mind, when it comes to miniature, pocket, or teacup dogs, the philosophy is - Adopt, don’t shop.

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