Peekapoo Dog Breed Information and Characteristics

Peekapoo Dog Breed Information and Characteristics

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The Peekapoo is not the most popular crossbreed. The popularity of crossbreeds like the Peekapoo is not a new thing. Dog owners around the world, especially in the US, seem to love getting dogs with specific characteristics hybrids can offer. If you are interested in learning more about this adorable dog, read on and find out the most important things about the Peekapoo crossbreed.



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Life Expectancy:

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What type of pet is the Peekapoo?

Like many other crossbreeds, the Peekapoo’s name combines its parent breeds. These dogs are a mix between the Pekingese and the Poodle. The interesting thing about these dogs is they are one of the first intentional Poodle crossbreeds. Peekapoos were created in the 1950s, making them one of the longest-lasting crossbreeds.

If you are interested in getting a mixed dog, you should know a few things about them. Peekapoo dogs are created by intentionally crossing two pureblooded dogs. That means it can be hard to know how exactly their offspring will turn out. Based on the available data, most Peekapoos are friendly with their owners but naturally suspicious about strangers. That is a trait they inherited from their Pekingese parents.

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The temperament of a Peekapoo is that of a devoted, loyal, loving companion. These dogs love to be close to their owner. If they are often left alone, they can develop separation anxiety. Peekapoos are reasonably energetic and intelligent. Poodles are considered one of the smartest dog breeds in the world, so it isn’t a huge surprise their offspring are intelligent. Peekapoos could get along with other dogs and animals if they were raised with them. However, these dogs are pretty small and easily injured, so they are not the best choice for households with larger pets.

Peekapoos usually make great watchdogs, and you can be sure they will warn you about anything suspicious going on in their surroundings. However, some puppies can inherit the Poodle’s character, which will make them a bit more friendly and less of a watchdog. It is impossible to know how exactly a Peekapoo puppy’s character will be. Luckily, there are ways we can influence the development of their characters and temperaments.

Socialization and training

Peekapoos are small dogs that are somewhat protective of their owners. While it can seem rather funny, it is not a behavior that should be tolerated. Many dog owners don’t pay too much attention to their toy companion dogs’ training and socialization, but that doesn’t mean it is not essential. Small dogs like the Peekapoo are still dogs, and they need to be properly trained and socialized.

Here are some commands you could easily teach a dog like Peekapoo. Check out this article for more information - Commands all dogs should know.

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Training and socialization are great way to influence any dog’s character development, and Pekapoo is no different. They should be trained from an early age. As soon as the puppy gets all the necessary vaccinations, their owners should introduce them to the world. Take the dog to a dog park where they can meet new people, dogs, sights, and sounds.

Train the dog at least a couple of times a week. It doesn’t have to be advanced training; even basic obedience and tricks will strengthen the bond between the owner and the dog. The dog will learn respect and rules. They will know their place within the family and learn to obey the owner’s commands. That is important for the dog’s safety and behavior.

If you don’t know how to socialize a dog, check out this article for some ideas - Socialization tips and tricks.

Are Peekapoos good with kids?

The Peekapoo dog is not the best choice for families with small children. These dogs can inherit some of the Poodle’s “snappiness” and be prone to snapping at kids. These tiny dogs will not tolerate rough handling, and small children don’t understand how to safely interact with dogs. Other lovely pureblooded toy dogs can make ideal pets for families with small kids. Unfortunately, Peekapoo is not one of them.

Physical appearance

One of the overall defining characteristics of dogs is their looks. Designer dogs, like the Peekapoo, are often bred exclusively for their looks. Many unethical and shady breeders create designer dogs because it is easier. They don’t really care about their pedigrees or dog shows. They lack health tests, and their parents can have questionable health. Mind you, that is not only connected to designer breeds; buyers should always be aware that some breeders are just not that ethical or responsible.

When it comes to the physical appearance of a crossbreed, there are some things we can predict and some we can’t. Their exact size, coat color, and length, shedding characteristics, or energy levels will be pretty hard to guess. However, by observing already existing dogs, we can conclude that most of them have a medium-long, low-shedding coat that comes in numerous colors and shades.

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The Poodle's parents will determine the size of the dog. Toy or Miniature Poodles are mainly used for creating this crossbreed, so the size of the Peekapoo puppies will differ. Most of them have a curly or wavy coat that barely sheds.

Peekapoo shedding

Most Poodle crossbreeds inherit an interesting characteristic that seems very important for future dog owners. Poodles are considered hypoallergenic. The main reason is that they barely shed. However, that is not entirely true. All dogs shed, but the Poodle has such a tightly curled coat that the loose hair doesn’t fall off. Instead, it stays in their coats until it gets brushed out.

That is a characteristic they pass on to their Peekapoo mixed offspring. However, Peekapoos can inherit a coat that is closer to their Pekingese parents, which means there will be a bit more shedding involved. Unfortunately, knowing which side of the family the puppies will take after is impossible.

Getting a Peekapoo

Whenever possible, look for a rescue Peekapoo. We advise dog owners against purchasing crossbreeds because there is simply no control over the breeders. Peekapoo is not a registered breed, so Pekapoo breeders are not a part of breeding clubs or kennel clubs. There might be some responsible breeders, but they are very rare. If you are adamant about buying a Peekapoo puppy, be prepared to pay anywhere between $250 and $1.450. The price will depend on the parent’s pedigrees.

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