The 7 Most Loyal Dog Breeds In The World

The 7 Most Loyal Dog Breeds In The World

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There is nothing cuter than a dog that is happy to see its owner return from a trip, or even from a day in the office. Most owners think that their dogs are the most loyal dog in the world, but according to experts, some breeds have a specific tendency to be extremely loyal to their families and owners.

Loyal dogs can make excellent pets, but they can also become overly possessive, jealous, and develop behavioral issues that need to be sorted. Nobody wants to end up with a possessive dog that attacks everyone and everything that comes close to their families.

Having a loyal dog can be great, but be prepared to invest plenty of time into the training and socialization of your new dog.

Here is a list of the top seven most loyal dog breeds in the world.

7. Collie

Starting this list with the Collie breed makes perfect sense since the fictional character Lassie was a Rough Collie, and he was known for his undying loyalty. Of course, the nature of an actual breed is somewhat different than that of a fictional character, but most of their temperament was spot on.


Collies love their families and will do just about anything for them. These dogs will need quite a bit of grooming, so prepare the tools, patience, and time to keep their coats looking their best.

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6. Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a beautiful German dog breed that falls under the most loyal dog breeds category. They have a protective temperament that makes them alert and aware of their surroundings at all times. They were bred for that reason as well.


German butchers from the city of Rottweil wanted a dog that could help them drive their cattle to the market and protect them on their way home. These dogs were so loyal that butchers used to hang pouches filled with coins on their collars, and dogs would always get home safe with their pouches intact.

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5. Chihuahua

People often overlook the strong bond small Chihuahuas create with their owners. These dogs are loyal to the bone, especially to that person they choose as their "true" owner. These dogs might be tiny, but they have a large personality that will sometimes make you laugh.


Chihuahuas are known to be a bit snappy, and if you get a loyal dog with an unstable character, the result will most likely end with bites. They can be jealous, reactive, and even aggressive towards humans and other dogs, so getting a Chihuahua from a responsible breeder is vital.

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4. Doberman

The Doberman is one of the most elegant dog breeds in the world. They are also very loyal. These dogs make excellent protection and guard dogs, and you couldn't get that from a dog if they aren't loyal to their owners.


There is a good reason why Dobermans are often chosen for police and military work. They are intelligent, trainable, and most of all - loyal. They will protect their owners or handlers at all costs, and trained Dobermans are something special. You can read about what Doberman owners say about them here.

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3. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is an incorruptible, working, loyal dog breed that is known for its intelligence. These dogs are the second most popular dog breed globally, and there is a good reason for that. They make great pets for active people that have enough time for training and playing with their dog.

German Shepherd

Germans Shepherds can be great, but if they are neglected, and their physical needs are not met, they can quickly become destructive and develop behavioral problems. They make great personal or property guard dogs and watchdogs, which is precisely why these dogs are the breed of choice for military and police dogs worldwide.

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2. Akita Inu

The Japanese Akita Inu breed's loyalty is a trait they are mostly known for. The story of Hachiko is primarily responsible for its reputation. If you are a dog lover, "Hachi: A Dog's Tale" is a movie you have to see. In this movie, a Japanese professor has the most loyal dog in the world, and even after the professor's death, the dog (Akita Inu) waited for his owner.

Akita Inu

The breed's true temperament might be similar to that described in the movie, but Akitas is not for everybody. They can be stubborn and hard to train. These dogs might be loyal, but their temperament needs to be correctly shaped, so they don't end up becoming problematic. If the Akita is raised right, they certainly can be one of the most loyal dogs out there.

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1.  Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a dog breed with many talents, and loyalty is one of them. They are the most popular dog breed in the world for over 20 years, and their loyalty certainly played a part in that. These dogs are lovable and goofy, but they can be the best possible working dog there is. There is a good reason why most service dogs are Labradors.

Labrador Retriever

People often forget how active these dogs are and should be. This is not a breed that should spend most of its time inside the house. They are energetic, intelligent, hunting, and working dogs that need to spend their energy productively. Ensure you have enough time to train and adequately socialize your Labrador if you are thinking about getting one.

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