Golden Shepherd: Cute Crossbreed

Golden Shepherd: Cute Crossbreed

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The Golden Shepherd is a young designer breed that captures people’s imagination with its dashing good looks. These dogs are adorable, and they are a result of crossbreeding the German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever.

If you are thinking about getting a mixed breed, there are a few things you should know about them. The most important thing to know is that no two dogs are alike. When it comes to mixing breeds, you can never be sure what the result will be. There are far too many possible gene combinations that could come into play to be absolutely sure about the new Golden Shepherd puppy.



20 - 26 in



55 - 80 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

11 - 14 years

Based on existing owners, this is what we found out.

What type of pet is the Golden Shepherd?

Golden Shepherds are smart dogs. They come from working parents who are regularly employed by the military, police, search and rescue, and often work as service dogs. Both breeds are pretty intelligent, so it is natural to assume the puppies will be as well.

Again, it is impossible to know for sure what their character will be like, but based on existing dogs, Golden Shepherds are alert, affectionate towards their family, and rather playful. They tend to be excellent watchdogs and even guard dogs, but only if the German Shepherd side of the character shines through.

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These dogs love having company and absolutely hate being left alone. Golden Shepherds can quickly become bored, and if that happens, they will do anything to entertain themselves. That often means playing in a way that destroys your house. Make sure your dog is entertained, and their minds are engaged. These pups love having a job to do that allows them to “earn” their place in the family pack. 

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What do these dogs look like?

Golden Shepherds are charmers. They have a medium-long, double coat that isolates them from harsh weather. They are pretty heavy shedders, so if you don’t like having hair all over your home, maybe don’t get one. These dogs might be a crossbreed, but it is reasonably easy to see which breeds have been crossed.

These dogs often have German Shepherd-like ears and a shabby, golden coat. Of course, that is not the only color these dogs can come in; all German Shepherd colors and color combinations are allowed - even a completely black dog can be a Golden Shepherd. The “Golden” part of the name comes from the parent breed, not from their coats’ color.

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Golden Shepherds are considered a fairly large breed, not the biggest one, but certainly not a small one. Males can reach a height of 25, and females can reach a height of 23 inches. Both sexes weigh between 55 and 80 pounds. These dogs can have folded or pricked ears, depending on which genes are dominant.

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Caring for a Golden Shepherd

Golden Shepherds might be a crossbreed, but that doesn’t mean their needs are different from those of pureblooded dogs with similar characteristics. Their thick, insulating double coat will need to be regularly brushed. They will shed twice a year heavily during the shedding season, and at that time, you will have to brush them daily if you’d like to stand any chance of controlling the mess.

Teeth brushing

These dogs will require basic hygiene, as well. One of the most overlooked aspects of dog hygiene is teeth brushing, so you must get your dog used to it. Golden Shepherds will require a bath every three to four months, depending on their lifestyle.


They will also require a balanced diet. There are many options available in the stores or online; just make sure you get dog food that has all necessary nutrients; asking your vet for advice is always a great option.

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Health concerns

When it comes to designer breeds, health is always the thing people argue about. Some say that crossbreeds are healthier and that fewer diseases influence them because of the wider gene pool. Unfortunately, genes don’t always act like that, and with the widening of the gene pool, genetic diseases that harm parent breeds come into the equation with the new Golden Shepherd puppies.

Based on the existing Golden Shepherds, owners and vets noticed that these dogs are prone to:

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Getting a Golden Shepherd puppy

Getting a designer breed puppy can be challenging, especially if it is a relatively new breed that doesn’t have a vast breeding base. It can even be tough to get in touch with someone with good breeding practices, and even if you manage to find someone like that, it is questionable if they will have any Golden Shepherd puppies for sale.

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Just because this is a crossbreed doesn’t mean that the buying process should be any different. You should be careful and get into a serious conversation with the person you are buying a dog from. Ask them different questions and find out how responsible they are. Don’t be a naive, gullible buyer that will get scammed.

This might be easier said than done. Crossbreeds don’t have official breeding clubs, nor are they accepted by any major cynology association. You should look for advice in the Golden Shepherd owner community on social media, and even that is far from an ideal option. We still believe that if you are thinking about getting a dog, go for a known breed that is predictable and safe.

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