Goldador - Popular Golden Retriever Labrador Mix [Breed Guide 2023]

Goldador - Popular Golden Retriever Labrador Mix [Breed Guide 2023]

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 03 2023


The popularity of crossbreeds is on the rise. Future dog owners love the idea of getting a dog with mixed characteristics of their favorite breeds. One of the “heavy-hitters” in the dog world is the Goldador. A Goldador is a mixed breed that was created by mixing the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever. Both of these two breeds are among the five most popular breeds in the world, so it is no surprise that the mix between them is a popular one.

Individually, Goldens and Labradors make fantastic family pets. They have mild characters that make them ideal family pets and companions. The idea behind the Goldador is to create a mixed breed that has a blend of the Golden Retriever and Labrador characters but no health issues these breeds are prone to. However, future dog owners should be aware of a few things before deciding to get a Goldador.



21 - 24 in



60 - 84 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

10 - 15 years

What kind of a pet is a Goldador?

The Goldador is a Golden Retriever Labrador mix, and specific details of their character can vary. However, most of these hybrids are fairly active. They thrive on family life and are treated as a part of the family. After interviewing several Goldador owners, we came to the conclusion that these dogs make great family dogs. They love leading an active life, and these dogs will make excellent jogging, hiking, cycling, or even swimming partners.

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Goldadors are friendly. They have an outgoing temperament, and their life philosophy is “strangers are friends you haven’t met yet.” That shouldn’t come as such a surprise since both parent breeds are friendly and playful. The Golden Labrador, as they are often called, makes excellent dogs for families with children. They are very tolerant, patient, and gentle with kids. When the kids grow, they will have an amazingly active playing partner.

Some owners and service dog academies stated that Goldadors make great working dogs. Again, not a huge surprise since their parents have long working traditions. Golden Retrievers and Labradors make amazing service dogs, detection, and hunting dogs. Both breeds are very intelligent and trainable.

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A word of caution about Goldadors

However, one thing has to be specially mentioned when it comes to the Goldador crossbreed. There are no guarantees when it comes to the temperament of future Goldador puppies. They are mixed, and there is no way of knowing which genes will become dominant. Most dogs are naturally good, but there is a chance the “bad” genes from both parents become dominant, and you end up with a sick dog with behavioral issues.

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Just like in pureblooded dog breeding, the breeding quality is the key. Goldadors that have parents who are in poor health will not magically become great family or working dogs. They are likely to inherit the same issues that bugged their parents. Creating mixed breeds is somewhat controversial in “legal” cynology. Registered breeders will rarely give their best dogs to people who want to sell crossbreeds. Suppose you are interested in getting a Goldador. In that case, you should make sure the Golden Retriever and Labrador parents are as healthy as possible.

Goldador characteristics

Some things might be predicted when it comes to Goldadors that are impossible to predict in other hybrids. The Golden Labrador mix is a mix between two very similar dog breeds. Goldens and Labradors have a similar history, character, and temperament. They even share some health issues they can be prone to. Most Goldadors are 21 - 24 inches tall, and they weigh around 60 - 84 pounds (depending on the sex).

Getting a crossbreed dog

Hybrid dog breed creators always say there is one huge advantage mixed breeds have over pureblooded dogs - their health. They claim “hybrid vigor” keeps the mixed breeds safe from diseases pureblooded dogs are prone to. However, that might not actually be entirely accurate. For hybrid vigor to be effective, it needs to combine two healthy adults. Otherwise, it is just sub-par dog breeding and hoping for the best results.

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Nevertheless, a well-bred Goldador’s parents should be health tested. If they are in good health, there is no reason to expect unhealthy Goldador puppies with bad temperaments. There are a few problems when it comes to buying a crossbreed. Crossbreeds are not a part of any kennel clubs, and their breeders’ quality is impossible to control.

There is a great chance the breeder is just crossbreeding unchecked dogs and trying to sell them as a premium designer breed. Words like “premium,” “rare,” or “unique” drive the price up, so make sure you take all the necessary steps before you buy a mixed breed with questionable health.

Goldador health

One of the biggest questions when getting a crossbreed is their health. A considerable advantage pureblooded dog breeds have is that scientists and vets have studied them for many years. Careful breeding has made them healthy, and pureblooded dogs produce consistent characteristics over generations. For example, if you mix a Golden Retriever and a Black Lab, what color will the Goldador puppy be? It is impossible to know the color, let alone other health issues these puppies can be prone to.

However, Goldador crossbreeds are becoming popular, but the medical history of their “breed” is not well-known. Vets and scientists are working on databases but don’t have enough information to complete the database. From what we could find out, based on current and existing Goldador owners is that these dogs are prone to;

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Available data shows the average Goldador lifespan is between 10 and 12 years.

Buying a Goldador puppy

We would never recommend buying a mixed breed. If you are adamant about getting one, a far better option is to look in Golden Retriever or Labrador Rescues and check if they have any Golden Labrador mixes you could adopt. Paying a lot of money on dogs with questionable health and with no papers is very risky.

When it comes to crossbreeds or designer breeds, adopt - don’t shop. The average price of a Goldador puppy is around $600. However, dogs with parents with good pedigrees can go for as much as $4.500.

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