Black Lab - 10 Fun Facts

Black Lab - 10 Fun Facts

Author WDF Staff


Is there anything that is not known about the world’s most popular black dog breed? The black Labrador has been capturing and melting hearts around the world for more than 30 years when they moved from a popular hunting companion to the most popular family dog.

There is a lot of fascinating things we could learn about black Labradors, so we decided to dig a bit deeper and see what are some of the most interesting things we could find out about them that we still don’t know.

We bring you the list of amazing fun facts about black Labradors.

1. Original black Labs had a longer coat

An interesting thing to know about these black dogs is that the original Labradors, that were bred as fisherman’s working dog, looked a bit different. They were black and had a longer coat. Their coat was about half the length of the Border Collie’s coat.

black lab dog

2. Nearly all early Labradors were black

In the early 1900s, nearly all Labs were bred black. Back then, people assumed that black color was connected to their great hunting and retrieving skill. That of course, is not true but it is definitely interesting to know.

3. Black Labs color inheritance

Before we started researching this breed, we had a strong feeling that of all Labradors we encounter, most of them were black. And indeed, that was true. Black Labradors inherit their black color from either parent. And since the black coat color is a dominant gene, the new puppy will most likely end up with a black coat.

black lab in water

4. Black Labs are the most popular among American Lab owners

It is widely known that a Labrador is the most popular dog breed in the USA. According to several studies regarding pet ownership, the Labrador ended up on top of their lists. And among them, the most popular color was - black.

That can have many reasons and the most likely reason is - most Labs are black. Black is their basic color and a dominant one when it comes to their genes. Black Labradors have the largest bloodlines because, in the early days of this breed, only black-colored dogs were allowed to breed.

5. Brains and the looks

The black Labrador is not only good-looking, but it is also extremely smart. Labs are one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there and they are very trainable. Black Labs are capable of picking up commands really quickly and once they learn something, they will not forget it easily. Check out the list of most trainable dog breeds.

Labrador owners say that black Labs are beautiful and we certainly agree with them. These dogs are elegant, even though they can be playful like puppies well into their adulthood. If you do have an elegant black Lab, be careful around puddles because they will try and swim in it!

black labrador dog

6. Black Labs and kids

Black Labradors are known to have a personality that goes really great with kids. These black dogs are playful, cheerful, active, and really gentle when it comes to kids. They like playing all sorts of games and it is like they understand how careful they have to be around small, fragile children.

Black Labradors are the number 1 pick for American families with children and after learning their character traits, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. These dogs are beloved and will be the happiest in large families where there is always someone available to shower them with love and affection.

7. Social life

Just like any other Lab, the black Lab is an extremely social animal. They don’t like being on their own for too long and they love spending time with humans as well as with other pets. If you know you have a busy schedule and your Lab might end up being home alone for some time, think about getting another pet.

Black Labs love having company. They will enjoy the company of other dogs and cats. They can even learn to get along with other pets but due to their hunting history, you should never completely trust them around other small animals like ferrets, gerbils, or guinea pigs.

black labrador

8. Dietary restrictions

Black Labs are unfortunately prone to obesity. These dogs will gladly eat any chance they get and some owners forget that their dog needs to eat the appropriate amount of food. It is also important that your black Labrador leads a healthy, active life. These dogs are active by nature and if their physical needs are not met, they can get really fat, really fast. Make sure your black dog has a healthy diet. If you have any questions about dog food or your dog’s diet, you can always ask your vet for advice.

9. Black Labs in shelters

There is one statistic that is not favorable for black Labradors. They are less likely to get adopted if they end up in an animal shelter. Dogs end up in shelters for many reasons and if you do come across a black Lab in your local shelter and you are searching for a new pet, give them a chance. Black dogs are less likely to get adopted in shelters worldwide so keep that in mind if you are thinking about adopting a dog.

black lab puppy

10. Black Lab puppies and prices

Due to their popularity, black Lab puppies can have a higher price. This is the basic economy if the demand is high, the prices will get higher. Demand for these black dogs is high and thus their price can be a bit higher than your average breed.

No matter the price, you should get your dog from a reputable and responsible dog breeder that will make sure that your new black Labrador puppy is in the best possible condition, physically as well as mentally.

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