Mastador - All About Labrador Retriever & Mastiff Mix

Mastador - All About Labrador Retriever & Mastiff Mix

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The designer breed hype is at its highest, and Mastador is enjoying every minute of it. This famous designer breed is a mix between the most popular dog breed in the world, the Labrador, and a larger Bullmastiff. You might think it is an unusual blend, but you might end up surprised.

This isn’t the first time dog breeders tried mixing different breeds to promote certain traits they deemed worth promoting. The Mastador is a result of such an experiment. Even though they are huge, these dogs are great family pets. Don’t let their friendliness fool you; if the situation requires them, they will protect their family without any hesitation. If you are interested in large crossbreeds, here is what you should know about the charming Mastador.



28 - 36 in



100 - 160 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

10 - 12 years

What is a Mastador?

A Mastador is a crossbreed between a Labrador Retriever and Bullmastiff. It is not entirely clear when the intentional breeding of the two breeds started. The same problem faces many other crossbreeds because there aren’t any documents proving when or why they have been bred for the first time.

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It is generally believed that this is a reasonably young crossbreed. The first intentionally created Mastadors were born in the early 2000s. Like many other hybrids, these dogs are also most likely from the US, and that is where most of these dogs can be found today. To truly understand the Mastador’s purpose, we need to take a quick look at their parent breeds.

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Parent breeds

Like any other true designer dog, the Mastador is a mix between two pureblooded dog breeds - the Lab and Bullmastiff. These are two completely different breeds; one is extremely friendly, and one is rather protective.

1. Labrador Retriever

There isn’t much left unknown about the most popular dog breed in the US. These dogs have lovely temperaments, and that is why they hold the Nr. 1 spot in the most popular breed list. They are intelligent, active, obedient, and, if trained, one of the best service dog breeds there is.

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2. Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff is a fearless family protector that will stop at nothing to protect their families. They are large and can be pretty stubborn and independent. They can make great family pets, but they will require plenty of training and socialization. The Labrador might be an excellent choice for first-time owners, but the Bullmastiff is definitely not.

It was pretty interesting to see how a mix of these two breeds turned out. Like with any other crossbreed, every individual dog is different. Their looks and temperaments will depend on which parent breed’s DNA was dominant, but what we could find out about their characteristics and character will surely be intriguing.


Some Mastadors look more like Labs. Some look more like the Bullmastiff; it is impossible to know until the puppy fully develops. There are some common characteristics most of these dogs share, especially when it comes to their appearance.

Mastadors will most likely be pretty large dogs, with a height between 28 and 36 inches. They will probably weigh between 100 and 160 pounds, making them one of the largest crossbreeds out there. These dogs will have fairly dense coats that can come in various colors from black, yellow, charcoal, chocolate, and red, with or without brindle patterns. It is, unfortunately, impossible to know how each puppy will turn out.


The temperament of a crossbreed is the same as its appearance - a mix between the parent breeds. Mastadors might be rather protective if the Bullmastiff part of the family takes over, or they can be pretty friendly and gentle if the Labradors take control. The first breeders wanted to promote and create a breed that will be the ideal cross, and here are the results.

Most of these dogs’ temperaments are a mix, and they come somewhere in between. They can be pretty friendly and affectionate. They form strong bonds with their families and make great nannies. They are patient and love spending time with kids. Simultaneously, if they feel their family is threatened, they will not hesitate to go into attack mode.

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Mastadors are fearless and have a fine defensive instinct. They can be territorial, and if they feel something is their territory, they will protect it. That sort of behavior might be exactly something you were looking for. Still, there are no guarantees that a Mastador puppy will have those exact traits.

No matter what breed or crossbreed any dog is, they will require socialization and training. That is twice as important with large, powerful dogs like the Mastador. They can inflict damage, and you wouldn’t want to end up with a dog with no social skills and behavioral problems. Make sure you start these two things while they are still puppies.


Caring for such a large breed will take time and quite a bit of money. You will want to get insurance for your dog so that if anything happens, you are covered. Plus, these dogs are prone to health issues from both breeds, so make sure you know how to spot things like hip dysplasia, ear infections, Cushing’s disease, and heart problems.

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These dogs are relatively active, but if the Bullmastiff DNA ends up being dominant, you might end up with a heavy couch potato. It is more likely these dogs will need a reasonable amount of activities on a daily basis. You will need to provide them with a well-balanced diet, give them a bath every 12 -  16 weeks (more if they live inside), and regularly check their ears. Brushing them is also a good idea because they are moderate-shedders, and they will shed all year.

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Getting a Mastador puppy

Getting a well-bred crossbreed might not be the easiest thing to do; there are no breeding clubs or governing cynology associations that can tell you where to find a good breeder. The best thing to do would be to ask for guidance in the Mastador owner community. The price for a Masatador puppy is between $1.000 and $2.000, depending on the breeder and their parents’ pedigrees.

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