Top 7 - Dog Breeds With Cool Nicknames

Top 7 - Dog Breeds With Cool Nicknames

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Nicknames are a part of everyday lifestyle, but did you know that some breeds have really cool nicknames? We don’t mean just shorter versions like Newfie for Newfoundlands or Goldens for Golden Retrievers. There are really specific nicknames that certain dog breeds earned with their reputation and unique characters. Here are the dog breeds that have the coolest nicknames;

1. The Wolf Crusher

It would be hilarious if the nickname “Wolf Crusher” refers to Yorkshire Terriers, but the truth is, this is the nickname of a large livestock protector - the Central Asian Shepherd. This is a giant dog breed from the Central Asian region. Their main job was protecting livestock against large predators like bears and wolves.


The nickname started in Russia, and in their native language, it is “Volkadov,” which can be literally translated to “Wolf Crusher.” Their nickname is a testament to the dog’s immense strength and ability to defeat the mighty wolf.

2. The King of Terriers

The King of Terriers is the nickname of the largest Terrier breed - the Airedale Terrier. These dogs are not only the largest Terriers, but they are also incredibly confident, intelligent, athletic, and agile. Airedales are one of the coolest dogs out there. They love playing with their family, and they have plenty of energy that goes with their playful nature.


The original Airedale’s purpose was farm work. Even today, Airedales make versatile farm dogs that will let the farmer know if anything suspicious is going on. They have a strong ratting instinct, so getting an Airedale is not the best idea if you have small pets at home.

3. The Barkless Dog

The Barkless Dog is a nickname Basenjis earned due to their inability to bark. That is unusual in the canine kingdom, and that is only one of the things that set Basenjis apart from the rest of the four-legged crew. These dogs cannot bark. Instead, they produce a yodeling sound.

basenji dog

Basenjis are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. By some estimates, this breed is more than 4.000 years old, and they were even associated with Egyptian pharaohs. Basenjis love being clean, and they have almost cat-like grooming habits.

4. The Grey Ghost

The Grey Ghost has to be one of the coolest dog nicknames ever. This nickname refers to one of the best-looking dog breeds - the Weimaraner. These unique dogs have almost silver coats, and the start of the breed was shrouded in mystery. This breed was bred by German hunters in the 19th century. Only the “chosen” people were allowed to own the gorgeous Weimaraner.


The Grey Ghost is a hunting dog initially used for hunting large game like boar, bear, and deer. However, with the protection of large European animals, these dogs repurposed and started hunting smaller game like rabbits, foxes, and badgers. They are known for their loyalty and strength.

5. The Apollo of Dogs

If you are familiar with dog breeds, you can probably easily guess which breed earned this nickname. Yes, it is the tallest dog breed in the world, the Great Dane. In ancient Greek mythology, Apollo was the god of sun, music, dancing, light, poetry, music, archery, and more. It is fitting that such an impressive dog breed earned a nickname tailored after such a high-ranking Greek deity.

great dane

Great Danes look a lot scarier than they actually are. These are giant goofballs that want nothing more than to be a lapdog. They form strong relationships with their owners, and they often forget how huge they are. Unfortunately, Great Danes have an incredibly short lifespan.

6. The American Gentleman

The American Gentleman is the nickname of the Boston Terrier breed. Most of us in the canine community believe this nickname started because these dogs have a unique coat pattern that gives these dog the impression of wearing a tuxedo. They have a unique pattern that makes them absolutely adorable.

boston terrier

Not only are these dogs very fashionable, but they are also very friendly, playful, and affectionate. Boston Terriers make fantastic family pets, and they are one of the most popular pets in the US. The American Gentleman is also terrific at sports like agility.

7. The Red Daredevil

The Red Daredevil is the nickname of the Irish Terrier. This dog nickname can be explained relatively easily. The word “Red” refers to the color of the breed’s coat. The second part of their nickname, the “Daredevil,” describes the playful nature and courage this breed possesses.

irish terrier

Irish Terriers are intelligent, courageous, and capable of performing any task their owners give them. Like Airedales, they were entrusted with keeping the Irish barns and farms rodent-free, and it is a job they excelled at. They are skilled vermin controllers, and many farmers still use these dogs for various farming tasks.

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