German Wirehaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointer is a noble versatile gundog that excels at hunting as well as being a family member. If you are a sportsperson who enjoys spending time outside this might be the right dog for you. For German Wirehaired Pointers daily activity is a must, and they will be the happiest if they are working or participating in various canine sports.

Originally bred for hunting purposes and because of their keen nose and great stamina they excel at that job even today. If you are thinking of getting this dog and you are not planning to start hunting, don't worry, these dogs will fit great into family life as long as you provide them with enough exercise.

These dogs also goes by the names - Deutsch Drahthaar and Deutscher Drahthaariger Vorstehhund.

German Wirehaired Pointer


22-26 in (56-66 cm)

German Wirehaired Pointer


50-70 lb (22-32 kg)

German Wirehaired Pointer



German Wirehaired Pointer

Life Expectancy:

14-16 years

Breed History

Hunters in Germany wanted to create a dog who could easily hunt any game on many different terrains and they created a German Wirehaired Pointer in the second half of 1800. They developed an all-purpose dog who could point and retrieve both on land and in water.

Many people think that the coat is the only difference between these dogs and their cousin – German Shorthaired Pointer. But, in fact, there are more differences including size, head shape, and temperament.

AKC officially recognized this dog breed in 1959.

Dog Breed Characteristics

Energy Level
Grooming Needs
Exercise Needs
Kid Friendly
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General Health

FCI Standard

  • Group 7 Pointing Dogs. Section 1.1 Continental Pointing Dogs. With working trial.
  • Height at withers: males: 24-27 in (61 to 68 cm), females: 22.5 -25 in (57 to 64 cm)


German Wirehaired Pointers has a harsh, and wiry coat that protects him from various weather conditions. These dogs require minimum grooming in order to look good. Weekly brushing with a soft brush will be enough for their coat to remain healthy. This dog will shed year-round, but lightly. Baths are only required occasionally, and because of the construction of their coat, these dogs will dry quickly after a bath.

German Wirehaired Pointer colors:

  • Liver and white – either liver or white spotted
  • Liver Roan
  • Liver and white – spotted with ticking
  • Solid liver

For the complete care of these dogs, it is required that you regularly trim their nail, check their ears, and brush their teeth.

German Wirehaired Pointer exercise

This is a high-energy dog that requires daily activity to spend his energy. German Wirehaired Pointers will enjoy all the fun activities such as long walks, hiking, canine sports or just playing with his owner. To make this dog happy you will have to devote your time to playing sessions if you don't want him to develop behavior problems. They will in fact became bored and destructive if they don't spend all their energy outside.

German Wirehaired Pointers were imported into the US in the 1920s.

FUN FACT: These dogs are excellent choices for tracking, agility, hunting, and rally.


German Wirehaired Pointers are very intelligent and eager to please and that makes training them a little easier. They are very adjustable and smart so they will pick up your commands very fast.

To secure that your puppy develops into a well-rounded dog you will have to expose him to various situations so he can learn how to react in many different situations. If you are not sure what is the correct way to socialize your dog you can check these tips and tricks.

Kids and other animals

German Wirehaired Pointer is an excellent choice for families with kids. They are best suited for older kids but only because of the fact that they can during play unintentionally knock over the child because of their size.

Since they have a lot of energy kids will love them because they will be able to play with them for hours.

If German Wirehaired Pointers are raised in the same households with the other dogs they will get along, but with the strange dogs, they can be aggressive and territorial.

Health problems

German Wirehaired Pointers live on average 14-16 years which is a lot. They are generally healthy but like most dogs, they are prone to some health problems. If you want to be sure that your dog will be without inherited diseases we advise you to buy it from a responsible dog breeder.

These dogs are prone to:

German Wirehaired Pointer breeders

German Wirehaired Pointer will be an excellent choice if you need a hard-working dog or a gently family companion. In either case, you will have to provide him with enough activities if you don't want that he develops behavior problems. 

These dogs thrive on human companionship and they will be the happiest when they around their family. Whatever you do, this dog will be more than happy to join.

When talking to breeders always ask them to show you the health certificate of his breeding dogs so you can be sure that their puppies will be healthy as well.


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