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Bavarian Mountain Scenthound

Last updated: Aug 31 2023

The Bavarian Mountain Scenthound is a German hunting breed that originated in Germany’s historical region of Bavaria. It is a highly praised hunting breed that has been used by German hunters for years. It is praised for its loyalty and for being a reserved, non-imposing breed - the best possible traits a scenthound can have.

Although they were originally kept as a hunting breed, these days, these loyal dogs can be found more often as family pets. They love the active lifestyle and usually get along great with all family members.

If you want a dog that will be very affectionate towards you and makes a great watchdog, the Bavarian Mountain Scenthound may just be the right breed for you.

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound


17-20 in (43-51 cm)

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound


37-66 lb (17-30 kg)

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound



Bavarian Mountain Scenthound

Life Expectancy:

12-15 years

Dog Breed Characteristics

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General Appearance

The Bavarian Mountain Scenthound is a lean, athletic hound of medium size that is slender but muscular. It has a slightly unusual outline that features an elongated back and elevated rear, which help it negotiate uneven terrain while keeping its nose close to the scent trail on the ground.

It has a wide muzzle with a square profile and a well-opened nose and a broad, slightly domed skull with a well-defined stop. It has thick, drooping lips and strong jaws. The breed's gentle demeanor can be seen in its soft, brown eyes, as well as its long, arched ears.

The trunk is slim but sturdy, with a broad ribcage and exceptionally well-developed forechest. There is a slight rise in the back between the withers and rump. The smooth upward sweep of the abdomen from the long sternum adds to the dog's svelte profile.

Its tail is carried high on the croup, pointing diagonally to the ground, and its limbs are long, straight, and strong. The wide, arched paws provide the necessary strength and cushioning for work on rocky terrain. Their nails are black to brown in color.

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound

The dense coat has a slight sheen, but it is relatively coarse to the touch. It is short and close to the skin, and it comes in a variety of colors:

  • deep red
  • deer red
  • reddish-brown
  • tan
  • fawn to biscuit
  • reddish-grey

Grooming and care

Bavarian Mountain Scenthounds have dense and moderately harsh coats. These dogs should be brushed regularly to keep their coat healthy and in good shape.

Brush their teeth at least three times a week to prevent tartar buildup and infections. Make sure you use products made especially for dogs, as human products could potentially harm them. Trim their nails if they don’t wear them down naturally. A good indication is hearing them clicking on the floor while they walk.

Clean their ears and check for signs of redness or infections. Use a cotton cloth and never insert anything in their ear canal. You can always check with your vet about the products you should use and the proper technique.

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound temperament

The Bavarian Mountain Scenthound is a quiet, intelligent dog breed. They love being active and thrive in a large yard where they can run around, explore, and play with their beloved family. They are incredibly loyal to their families.

There is nothing these dogs won’t do to please them and obey their commands. However, keep in mind that the Bavarian Mountain Scenthound would rather play, run, or train than cuddle inside due to their high energy and agility.

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound

BMS were bred to hunt, so most of them have a high hunting instinct. They make terrible watchdogs and are typically quiet. However, they are cautious around strangers and might act aloof if someone unfamiliar approaches them. Having said that, they are not mean and aggressive towards people. They are friendly towards other dogs and can learn to get along with them.

To get your Bavarian Mountain Scenthound to get along with people and dogs, you will need to ensure training and socialization from the start. They are intelligent, but they need exercise and plenty of mental stimulation to avoid boredom and behavioral issues.

They form strong bonds with their human family, and separation anxiety may become a problem if they are left on their own for a long time. These dogs are not needy, but they require plenty of attention and affection. Bavarian Mountain Scenthounds will fit perfectly in large households that include active children they can play with.

Exercise needs

This is a dog that can happily spend a whole day tracking and running across a mountainside in thin air, and it requires a lot of exercise, especially if kept solely as a pet – couch potatoes need not apply! Ideally, more than one person should be available to exercise the dog at various times throughout the day. It is virtually impossible for you to over-exercise this breed, except perhaps in scorching weather.

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound training and socialization

When training your Bavarian Mountain Scenthound, make sure you use positive reinforcement. Positive training methods will ensure your dog makes excellent progress and learns new commands in the best possible way. These dogs are trainable and can learn relatively quickly because they are willing to please their owners.

Socializing a Bavarian Mountain Scenthound is a necessary process that should start as early as possible. These dogs are naturally very reserved, and if you would like to have a dog that is open to other people and dogs, make sure you socialize them from an early age.

Expose your dog to different people and dogs and make sure it is a great and positive experience that they can learn from. Early socialization will ensure your puppy develops into a well-rounded and well-behaved dog.

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound and kids

The Bavarian Mountain Scenthound usually gets along great with children, especially older ones that he can play with. Still, they prefer to be surrounded by people who know how to handle, train, and play with them gently. However, for children who were taught how to safely approach, interact, and play with this hunting dog from an early age, the Bavarian Mountain Scenthound will become a great, active companion.

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound and other pets

The Bavarian Mountain Scenthound has a strong prey drive. It is not suitable for families with other small animals unless it has been trained to accept them as a puppy. You should have no trouble introducing another medium or large dog into the household.

FUN FACT: The Bavarian Mountain Scenthound specializes in tracking wounded prey. However, modern-day dogs are usually kept as family pets.


Bavarian Mountain Scenthounds are dogs that live on average 12 - 15 years. Like any other dog breed, they are prone to some health problems that every (future) owner should be aware of. To be sure that you'll get the healthiest possible dog, never buy a dog from a puppy mill breeder or a pet store.

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound can suffer from

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound breeders

When getting a dog, the most important thing is to get it from a responsible and reputable Bavarian Mountain Scenthound breeder. These dogs are energetic and protective, and getting a poorly bred dog can have catastrophic results.

Responsible breeders will breed dogs that don’t only look good but also have great characters. You must find a good Bavarian Mountain Scenthound breeder that can help you learn about this breed and make an informed choice about getting a dog with these characteristics.


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Updated at31.08.2023.

Breed History

German Bracken hunting dogs were used by German hunters in the nineteenth century to help them track game. They were thought to have a highly developed sense of smell, which aided hunters in following scents and trails left by their prey. The Bavarian Mountain Scenthound is descended from the German Bracken.

The Hanoverian Scenthound was too large and heavy for the terrain in Germany's mountainous regions, where many hunters hunted. The Bavarian Mountain Scenthound was lighter and moved a lot easier, so it was capable of keeping up with hunters' prey.

The United Kennel Club (UKC) officially registered the Bavarian Mountain Scenthound breed in 1996. The Bavarian Mountain Scenthound Society of America was formed in 2017 with the goal of protecting and promoting these dogs.