The Ariegeois or the Ariege Hound is a French dog breed developed for pack hunting. This breed first came to life around the year 1912. It is a part of the Scenthound breed and shares many of its original characteristics such as short, smooth coat and long, floppy ears.

Although these dogs were developed for hunting purposes, large numbers of the Ariege Hounds are becoming a part of everyday family life. They have successfully migrated to a more peaceful life that involves hunting for a soft spot to lay in rather than large prey.

Ariegeois Height


19–23 in (50–58 cm)

Ariegeois Weight


55-60 lb (25–27 kg)

Ariegeois Origin



Ariegeois Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

12-15 years

Dog Breed Characteristics

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The Ariegeois is a typical member of the Scenthound family and shares many characteristics with other Scenthound family members. These dogs are described as medium-sized hounds that are elegant, light, and distinguished. They have well-developed, usually black noses which aren’t a huge surprise because these dogs have one of the most sensitive noses out there.

Their eyes should be brown and their expression should be alert and bright. One additional trait they share with the rest of the Scenthounds is their long ears. Their ears have thin leather and when they are stretched out, they can reach the tip of their nose. Their body is firm with well-developed muscles. Their movement should be supple and easy.

Ariegeois standards


  • Group 6 (Scenthounds and related breeds), Section 1.2 (Medium-sized Hounds). With working trial.
  • height - males 20,5-23 in (52-58 cm), females 19-22 in (50-56 cm)
  • date of acceptance - 10/1/1954


This breed is not accepted by the AKC

Ariegeois temperament

A working, hunting Ariegeois’s temperament is that of a pack hunter with a keen sense of smell. They were traditionally used for hunting various game such as foxes, hares, wild boar, and deer. The Ariegeois can track prey for miles and miles and can easily adapt to difficult terrain.

In recent times, more and more people started noticing the sweet character of the Ariegeois and started keeping them as loving family pets. These dogs make poor guard dogs because they are really friendly towards everyone. These dogs can learn to get along great with kids and they love having the company of other dogs. Other animals, however, are not too safe around the Ariegeois because it has a high prey drive and smaller animals can easily be perceived as prey by these hunting dogs.

Training and socialization

When training an Ariegeois, make sure you arm yourself with plenty of patience and consistency. That is of course if you are training your Ariegeois to follow commands and obey. If you are training it to be a pack hunter, it is a delight and the training process is very easy. If you are training it to be an obedient pet, you can encounter some struggles because they are easily distracted, and getting them to follow command can be problematic.

When socializing your Ariegeois, make sure that that process starts as soon as possible. They are naturally great with other dogs and they love the feeling of being a part of the pack. Socialization is necessary if your dog will be around other animals, children, and strangers. Even if they are properly socialized, they might never get along with other small animals because they will always think of them as prey. Expose your Ariege Hound to strangers and small children so that they can learn to behave around them and make sure it is a positive experience for your dog.

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