The Rottweiler

The Rottweiler

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The Rottweiler is a breed of working dog, developed in Rottweil, Germany, where the dog was used to drive cattle and pull carts for farmers and butchers. They were also used to protect a butcher’s money when he traveled to market. They first came with Romans who came to that area in order to take advantage of climate and agriculture friendly soil.

The Rottweiler - dog breed

Rottweilers are big-sized dogs with massive heads and usually a docked tail. They are 24-27 inches for males, and 22-25 inches for females in height and they weight 95-100 pounds for males and 80-100 pounds for females. They are very strong and muscular dogs that have a short, black coat with tan markings on chest, head and legs. Rottweilers require weekly brushing in order to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils. They shed in normal amount, except in the spring and the fall, when they shed heavily. Many Rottweilers snore and can be drooly because of loose flews.


The Rottweiler - exercise

Rottweiler should always be calm and confident, and never shy. This dog doesn't make friends with people immediately; he waits to see what can be expected from new people around him and then decides. With his family he is affectionate and gentle, but very protective. Rottweilers are smart, highly trainable dogs, but can sometimes be stubborn. They require firm and consistent but never too harsh discipline. Training a Rottweiler means establishing leadership over the dog and setting boundaries in order to gain dogs respect which is the key to successful training.

This form of training inquires a lot of time, consistency and patience. These dogs are natural born guard dogs and have inherited instinct to protect their family and home. Because of this instinct it is important to socialize your Rottweiler from early age. There is a possibility that in the wrong hands, these dogs can become overly protective, almost aggressive. Because of this characteristic these dogs aren’t meant for everyone. They require experienced handlers, but  if your dog is well-bred and you spend enough time training and socializing him, he will be obedient, gentle, protective when needed and great companion.

The Rottweiler - family dog

Except for training and socialization, for Rottweilers is important that they are around their family and included in everyday activities. They love people and want to be around them as much as possible and thus it is important for these dogs to live in the home with their people and not alone in the backyard. If they are left alone in the yard for too long, they can become bored and destructive. Males can be aggressive towards other animals, especially dogs of the same gender. When introducing a Rottweiler to new animals, be careful and do it slowly. With training and proper guidance, your Rottweiler can learn to accept new animals.

rottweiler pack

The Rottweiler - energy level

Rottweilers don’t require a lot of exercise; moderate walks, hiking and/or fetching will make Rottweiler happy, but it depends on how energetic your Rottweiler is. 

Usually, Rottweilers love children, especially if they are raised together. They should be supervised when playing with children, but only because of the fact that their big and muscular body may accidentally hurt the child. Also, when the house child has unknown friends over, if there is some rough play between kids, your Rottweiler may think that the child is in danger and may step up to put a stop to it. Some Rottweilers may chase kids who run because of their strong prey drive.

The Rottweiler - health issues

The Rottweilers life span is 9-10 years and just like any other breed, Rottweilers are prone to some health conditions, such as Hip Dysplasia (you can read more about HD here), Elbow Dysplasia, Aortic Stenosis/Sub-aortic Stenosis (a heart defect where the heart struggles with pumping blood to the body and can cause fainting and sudden death), Osteosarcoma (an aggressive bone cancer), Bloat, allergies, etc. Except for these conditions, Rottweilers are especially prone to obesity. Their food take should always be monitored.

rottweiler puppy

The Rottweiler - breeders

Rottweilers have unfairly gained a bad reputation because of people not breeding them properly. That created puppies with lot of problems that usually were mentally unstable and not trustworthy. Repeating those breeding practices had a negative impact on the breed as a whole. This is the biggest reason why it is very important to be careful when buying a Rottweiler puppy. Make sure you are dealing with responsible breeder that is able to show you all certificates about his kennel and his dogs that confirm claims that it indeed is a responsible breeder whose kennel is accepted by relevant authorities.  

Here at World Dog Finder we work exclusively with breeders of the highest standards and require them to send us the neccesery documents that show us they are registered with the FCI and their countries cynology association. 

FUN FACT: Rottweilers are leaners and they often lean their bodies up against their people. This action is believed to originate from the breed’s need to move cattle, using their bodies to move them in the right directions.

FUN FACT: Rottweilers are not only excellent guard dogs, they are also used as police and rescue dogs. Following the terror attack of 9/11 in New York, Rottweilers were one of the dog breeds used to help search for people stuck in ruins.


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