Majorca Shepherd Dog

Majorca Shepherd Dog is a medium-sized dog breed that lived on Majorcan farms for many centuries. This is a working dog that requires a lot of exercise and if they don’t work on the farm you must provide them with enough daily activities. This dog is known to be territorial and proper socialization is a must with Majorca Shepherd Dogs.

Today they are still mostly used for guarding purposes. These dogs come in shorthaired and long-haired variants.

Majorca Shepherd Dog


25-28 in (61-71 cm)

Majorca Shepherd Dog


75-90 lb (34-41 kg)

Majorca Shepherd Dog



Majorca Shepherd Dog

Life Expectancy:

11-13 years

Dog Breed Characteristics

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Majorca Shepherd Dogs don’t require a lot of brushing. Weekly brushing will be enough to keep this dog looking good. They will need only a few baths throughout the year. Occasional baths are only required if your dog rolls into something smelly or dirty. If you notice that their ears and red, or have a bad odor that might be a sign that your dog has an ear infection.

Their nails should be trimmed if the dog doesn’t wear them out naturally.


Majorca Shepherd Dogs are medium active and they will need a proper amount of daily activities to be happy. Playing with his owner in the house, chasing the ball, or just long walks can all do the trick and keep this dog satisfied. If you provide him with enough daily activities you don’t have to worry that your dog will miss behave.


To ensure that you end up with the best possible dog, early socialization is a must. Start socializing your Majorca Shepherd Dog as soon as you bring him home. With proper socialization, you will ensure that your dog doesn't become shy or aggressive. Expose your Majorca Shepherd Dog to many different dogs, people, sight, and sounds and that will teach him how to properly react in many different situations.

Majorca Shepherd Dog and kids

Majorca Shepherd Dog is not a great choice if you have small kids in your household. They are best suited for older kids who know how to properly play and interact with the dog. If they are properly introduced from an early age your dog and kids will get along, and the kids will have an excellent playing partner. However, you should never leave Majorca Shepherd Dog alone while they are playing with kids so you can be sure that any unwanted behavior wouldn’t emerge.

Majorca Shepherd Dog and other animals

Majorca Shepherd dogs are very territorial and are not suited for living with other dogs. They can become dominant and because of that, they are not recommended for first-time dog owners.


Majorca Shepherd dogs have a life expectancy of 11-13 years. They are generally healthy dogs but they can be prone to some health problems. These problems include:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Bloat

To be sure that your dog will not develop any inherited diseases we advise you to only buy it from a responsible and official dog breeder. Those breeders regularly perform various health tests on their breeding dogs so they can be sure that their puppies will not develop inherited problems.

Majorca Shepherd Dog breeders

If you made a decision that this is the right dog for you now it’s time to find Majorca Shepherd Dog breeders. To be sure that you will end up with the healthiest dog possible we advise you to search only for responsible Majorca Shepherd Dog breeders. That way you can be sure that the puppy will have the best possible start in life. Buying a dog from an official dog breeder will cost you more money in the start, but when you know that they will be healthy and that will have a good temperament it is worth it.

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