The Cimarrón Uruguayo

The Cimarrón Uruguayo

05.06.2019. 11:25:00

The Cimarrón Uruguayo (Uruguayan Cimarron) is multipurpose working dog native to Uruguay, where it is the only recognized native breed. The Cimarron Uruguayo was first developed hundreds of years ago when these dogs were imported to Uruguay by European colonists. Their ancestors where huge, battle hounds of the Molosser type (large mastiff-type dogs).

The Cimarrón Uruguayo - standard

Cimarron Uruguayo dogs were used for hunting, herding, cattle driving purposes. Today, they are used as guard dogs, for protection, or for companionship. These dogs are large and muscular. Male Cimarron Uruguayo dogs are up to 23-24 inches tall (58-61 cm) and weight from 84-99 lbs (38-45 kg). Females are slightly smaller. This breed has a short, smooth coat with a dense undercoat. The color is usually brindle or pale yellow with a black mask. Their coat is easy to care for does not need any special attention in grooming. Brushing is recommended to be done every week or so.


The Cimarrón Uruguayo - training

Cimarron Uruguayos need a lot of intense physical activity and mental stimulation. They love when there is a job that needs to be done. They make excellent jogging or cycling partners. Cimarron Uruguayo dogs are very loyal and attached to their family and will protect them (and their property) no matter what. They make excellent watchdogs. Because this breed tends to be dominant and challenging, the Cimarron Uruguayo is not recommended for everyone.

Training and socialization is absolutely necessary with this breed. If raised and trained incorrectly, these dogs can develop aggression. In their nature is to be aggressive toward other animals, they are driven to chase, catch and potentially even kill another animal. In order to reduce this kind of behavior, make sure your Cimarron Uruguayo is properly trained and socialized.

The Cimarrón Uruguayo - intelligence

Cimarron Uruguayos are considered to be highly intelligent. They are not made to please people and often are stubborn when given orders. This is why it is of crucial importance that owners of these dogs establish and maintain position of dominance since day one.


The Cimarrón Uruguayo - health problems

Although there are no diseases and health conditions that are specific for this breed, Cimarron Uruguayos are prone to some conditions. These conditions are: hip and albow dysplasia (you can find more about hip dysplasia here), hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid glands refer to an inadequate production of thyroid hormone that makes the dog sluggish and lethargic), gastric torsion/bloat (it occurs when the stomach flips over on itself, sealing gas within it causing extreme stretching of stomach), cryptorchidism (a condition whereby one or both testicles do not follow the expected path and are retained in the body or groin and that retained testicle can become cancerous), etc.

There is one more thing that owners of the Cimarron Uruguayo need to be aware of – these dogs are working dogs and their metabolism is geared to being active all day. If these dogs are not exercised enough, or are overfed, they are prone to gain weight and to be obese. When healthy, Cimarron Uruguayo dogs can live 10-14 years.

FUN FACT: The Cimarrón Uruguayois the mascot of the National Army of Uruguay.

The Cimarrón Uruguayo - breeders

When talking about the Cimarrón Uruguayo breed, there is one kennel that excels in breeding these dogs. That kennels’ name is Cerberus Illusion. More about Cerberus Illusion read here.


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