Interview: Gio Giorgadze

Interview: Gio Giorgadze

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The president of Georgia Kennel Club, Mr. Gio Giorgadze, answered our questions about Georgian cynology and the current situation in the world. Here is what Mr. Giorgadze shared with us:

1. Mr. Giorgadze, would you mind telling us how you started and gotten into cynology?

I started a job at Tbilisi Zoo as the main engineer in 1990. Four Caucasian Shepherd dogs were registered on the balance of the Zoo at that time. All of the dogs were females. I was interested to breed these dogs, so I collected money to build a kennel for 17 dogs and bought them as well after one year. The progress seemed to move on well but soon the war with Russian Federation started and 20% of Georgia was occupied by Russia, so it became very hard to take care of the dogs. At that time, the Caucasian Shepherd Dogs’ club – “Bombora” was established but it struggled to operate properly. The office was built and I was elected as a head of the club in 1996 and remain until today.

2. The FCG is a relatively “young” kennel club. How satisfied are you with its development?

The Cynologic Federation of Georgia is a young organization. The first organization was established in 1921 and existed until 1990 when the war caused a loss of all the official documentation of holding annual dog shows and field trials on a national level. The progress went slowly after the war. Social and political challenges made it hard for the population to pay appropriate attention to Cynology. However, we worked hard to achieve our goal. I was elected as a president of FCG in 2007. Since that time, I started to work with my team and moved towards the progress as problems decreased. More and more people are interested to import pure breed dogs of good quality every year. We organized trainings for the judges, breeders, and handlers under the mandate of FCG. The pandemic circumstances under COVID 19 made it almost impossible to fulfill many activities but we organized the first dog show – CAC and several field trials – CACT just as soon as it became possible. An international all-breed dog show is planned in October 2020. We are looking forward to a successful upcoming year as well.

3. What are your development plans for the future?

As it is known FCG is a member of FCI since 6 august 1997 year. we have a big wish to become a  full member of FCI. We are working hard at all aspects, we are already registered two national breed Georgian Mountain Dog and Georgian Mink dog. Breeders and team of FCG are working hard to make a presentation of this breeds in FCI to recognize.

4. Are you an active breeder? If so, what breed of dogs are you breeding?

Since 1998 I have registered kennel in FCI which still works regularly. My cynological life started with the Caucasian Shepherd and always will work with this pure breed dogs.

5. Mr. Giorgadze, we live in challenging times caused by a global COVID-19 pandemic. How did this influence the Fédération Cynologique de Géorgie?

Unfortunately, because of pandemic virus COVID 19 most of the activities national and international dog shows and field trials of the 2020 year were canceled, but nowadays everything goes better and as it was possible we started working. The first national dog show was held and it is planned to organize 3ed and 4th October all-breed international dog show.

6. How did you adapt to everyday operations at FCG?

Because of FCG full team is complected with friendly and bright brain people and first of all, I trust all of them and it's very easy to be president of FCG.

7. What are your comments on the cancellation of the European Dog Show?

I agree on decision, about the canceling of European dog shows. The most important is health all over the world.

8. Do you think that the World Dog Show is going to get canceled as well?

Of course, it is one of the main activity of FCI and people all over the world are looking forward to it, but all depends on what situation will be all over the world because of pandemic virus COVID19. I wish everything will be ok and the World Dog Show will be held. 

9. Are you planning to apply for the hosting of any big cynology events like Euro Dog Show or World Dog Show?

As it is known Georgia is not a full member of FCI yet, because of it, we can not request to held Euro Dog Show or World Dog Show. Our main goal is to become a full member, in 2021 in The Czech Republic will be held World dog Show. We are planning to request to become a full member, after this, we will make new steps in FCI include WDS and EDS.

10. You are an expert on the Caucasian Shepherd Dog. What got you interested in this breed?

From the ancient time in Georgia sheep and cow breeding is one of the main profession. Especially at mountainsides where are farms, they need shepherd dogs who will protect the farm from wild animals. Most of the time Caucasian Shepherds are living near the border of the country and they not only protecting farms, but they also protect our country. Caucasian shepherds are faithful to there job at any time and in any weather. We must protect pure breed Caucasian Shepherds.

11. There is a difference between the Azerbaijani, Chechen, Dagestani and Georgian varieties of the Caucasian Shepherds. Would you mind telling us a bit more about that?

All of The Caucasian shepherds has only one standard FCI N328, it's hard to say any difference now a day. Let's speak about ancient dogs. of course, there were many differences. In 1950 when Russian cynologist Alexandr Mazover traveled in the Caucasus, he explained all types of shepherd dogs. From his notes is known that Georgian type was the most developed and the best among all other types. Most of the article of standard N 328 which is registered in FCI is written from Alexandr Mazurov descriptions.

12. Do you think that enough is being done on the promotion of the Georgian version of the Caucasian Shepherds?

Because of the hard situation between Russia and  Georgia, Russian federation of cynology registered Caucasian shepherd Dog as Russian breed. I think it is not the right decision of neighbor country and very hard to regain our rights on this breed. But we are working to make Caucasian shepherd popular breed all over the world.

13. Do you have plans to promote this version of breed more to the countries in Western Europe?

Our cynological team with breeders are working to make Caucasian Shepherd more popular. It's enough to see daily life and working of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog to fall in love with it.

14. You are also a cynology judge. What is your favorite dog show you participated in as a judge?

I become judge 2001 of two breeds. Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Central Asian Shepherd Dog. I've judged in several countries, but I never forgot when I judged in Omalo. The village Omalo lies in the mountainous region of Tusheti in northern Georgia, Omalo is located at 1,880 meters above sea level. And we can say, that this is the birthplace of the breed. There was only 5 dog but it was full of emotions and fillings. My favorite show is "TARTI" special dog show for the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Georgian Mountain Dog.

15. What dog show would you recommend every dog lover and a cynologist should visit in Georgia?

FCG organizes dog shows in all regions of Georgia. The main dog shows are in Tbilisi capital of Georgia, Batumi- Black seaside of Georgia, and Telavi- known as the cradle of wine. We are not only organizing dog shows in Georgia, we are known as one of the best hosts in Europe. We are always happy to welcome guests from all over the world.

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