Can Dogs Eat Almonds

Can Dogs Eat Almonds

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You probably know that you shouldn’t give your dog human foods. Still, sometimes, it is impossible to resist your dog’s best impression of puppy eyes. Many owners love sharing their food with their dogs, and as general advice, you really shouldn’t give your dog table scraps.

That is especially true for food dogs cannot digest or food that is toxic to them. Most owners know not to give their dogs chocolate, onion, raisins, alcohol, or garlic, but what about almonds? Can dogs eat almonds? Here is what you should know about sharing these healthy nuts with your dog.

Can dogs have almonds?

The shortest possible answer to the question “Can dogs have almonds?” is - no. While almonds might be tasty and healthy for humans, this is not a food you should share with your dog. Dogs cannot digest almonds as we can, and almonds will cause dogs all sorts of gastrointestinal issues.

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Keep in mind, almonds are not toxic to dogs, so there is a chance nothing will happen to your dog if they pick up a few almonds you dropped. However, you should not give your dog almonds as treats or even help them get their paws on some.

Another popular snack humans love is peanuts. Here is what you should know about sharing some peanuts with your dog - Can dogs eat peanuts?

Are almonds bad for dogs?

As we said, almonds are not toxic to dogs, but they will cause long-term health problems. There are other types of highly toxic nuts to dogs; macadamia nuts, pecans, and walnuts are considered toxic and can cause all sorts of problems like tremors, fever, vomiting, etc. Some of the most significant issues that can happen when dogs eat almonds are;


Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the dog’s pancreas. It is very painful and highly uncomfortable for dogs. One of the main reasons dogs get pancreatitis is dietary indiscretions. Foods with high fat content will cause the pancreas to become inflamed. Most types of nuts have incredibly high fat content, so it is no wonder dogs should avoid them. Some of the symptoms of pancreatitis are vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and lethargy. You can read more about pancreatitis here - Pancreatitis in dogs.

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Choking hazard

Almonds are relatively small, so dogs might not chew them properly. Almonds are also pretty hard and solid, so they will not dissolve right away. These characteristics make them a choking hazard. Big breeds like the Great Dane might not choke on them if they accidentally grab ahold of a few almonds, but smaller breeds like the Pomeranian might. Even middle-sized dogs like the Australian Shepherd might choke on almonds.


If your dog doesn’t choke on almonds, that doesn’t mean the danger has passed. Almonds can still cause obstructions in the dog’s gastrointestinal tract. They can get lodged in the dog’s intestines, which will cause constipation. Severe cases of dog constipation will require surgery.

Water retention

Many packaged nuts, almonds included, can be very salty. That means they can cause water retention in dogs. That is very dangerous and potentially life-threatening for dogs with heart issues and diseases.

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What to do if my dog eats almonds?

In most cases, nothing serious will happen to your dog. It is not the end of the world if your dog eats an almond or two, but you have to remember dogs should not eat almonds regularly. The important thing to do is keep a close eye on your dog for the next couple of hours. Look for signs of choking, obstructions, or gastrointestinal upsets.

There is a vast difference when it comes to the number of almonds your dog ate. If you suspect your dog got ahold of a bag of almonds from the kitchen and ate the whole pack, you should call your vet immediately. If you witnessed them eating, or you are sure your dog ate the pack of almonds in the past 30 minutes, your vet will probably advise you to induce vomiting in your dog. You can learn how to do that safely here - How to make a dog vomit?

If you are not sure about the exact time your dog ate almonds, you should let your vet know and ask for an appointment. Luckily, a few almonds will not kill your dog, but they might experience some gastrointestinal upsets. If you have any doubts, you can always call your vet and ask for emergency advice.

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