11 Possible Reason Why Do Dogs Follow You To The Bathroom

11 Possible Reason Why Do Dogs Follow You To The Bathroom

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All dogs are loyal; in most cases, your dog will follow you everywhere. Sometimes that can be a little irritating. You can catch your dog following you to the bathroom, and you may have stopped and wondered, "why does my dog follow me to the bathroom?"

There is no correct answer to this question. Most dog owners think that the main reason is that they want to be around us. That may be true, but there are a few more theories on why dogs do it. Some of them are harmless behaviors, while others can indicate some health issues with your dog. Let's look at the 11 reasons dogs will follow you to the bathroom.

1. Pack mentality

Dogs are pack animals, and in the wild, they will follow their pack wherever they go. The same thing is with you; your dog will follow you to the bathroom since he considers you his pack and doesn't want to leave your side.

2. They want to spend time with you

Most of all, dogs love to spend time with their owners. If you catch your dog following you to the bathroom, after he's been alone for a long time, he just wants to spend time with you once you get home. In these cases, that place will be the bathroom, but regardless your dog will follow you anywhere.

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3. Dogs are curious

Some dogs think something is happening in the bathroom, and they want to participate. Dogs are curious creatures and tend to explore different objects and places until they are entirely familiar with them.

4. They want to protect you

Your visit to the bathroom your dog can see as something dangerous, and he will try to protect you. This is especially true if you own one of the guard dog breeds. These breeds will not allow you to go alone to places they think are potentially dangerous.

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5. They are worried about you

Maybe you had a long, exhausting day, and your dog will notice. Dogs can sense our emotions; in this case, your dog could be worried about you, and he will follow you to the bathroom to keep your company and cheer you up.

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6. Separation anxiety

Some dogs can suffer from separation anxiety. This is a severe problem, and you must help your dog. The dog will try to spend as much time with you as possible and follow you anywhere, anytime. Dogs prone to separation anxiety have many problems staying alone, away from their owners. If your dog is one of them, you can allow your dog to enter the bathroom, but that will not solve and eliminate a problem. You must talk to your vet, and he will help you with how to approach this problem.

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7. They want to help

Whatever you do, your dog will try to help you. This could also be the case. In the dog's eyes, going into the bathroom can require some additional help, and your dog will be first in line.

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8. They have no concept of privacy

As we already said, dogs are pack animals and have no concept of privacy. When the dog sees you going into the bathroom, they don't think there will be something private going on, and because of that, they want to join.

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9. They don't want to be alone

This is somewhat different from separation anxiety. In this case, the dog will want to spend time with you and not be left alone, but if they do, they will not exhibit symptoms of separation anxiety. In this case, the dog will feel much happier if it's next to you.

10. They like to stare at their owners

Dogs exhibit many strange behaviors, one of which is staring at their owners. You can catch your dog following you to the bathroom, sitting in front of you, and staring at you. Mostly, they will want to have eye contact to feel safe and loved. Though this can be awkward in this situation, this only means that your dog has a strong emotional connection with you.

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11. They love the smell

The last reason is the most obvious one. Dogs love the smell. Many dogs like to sniff garbage, dirty towels, and other smelly things, and it's a way for your pet to gather all sorts of information. For the same reason, your dog will follow you to the bathroom.

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Should I allow this type of behavior?

Since there is no harm in this behavior (besides separation anxiety), it's entirely up to you to decide. Some people like to set boundaries for their dogs and don't want them to enter the bathroom, kitchen, or even bedroom. This will all come down if you like it or not. Since there is no harm, there is no reason not to let your dog into the bathroom.

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Dogs will follow you anywhere, sometimes, anywhere is a bathroom. Mostly, there is nothing wrong if your dog follows you to the bathroom. It's entirely up to you to decide if you will allow that behavior. If you ask the dog, he will be much happier if you do.

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