Top 144 - Harry Potter Dog Names

Top 144 - Harry Potter Dog Names

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Picking the right name for your dog can be challenging. There are simply too many names you can choose from, so some owners decide to look for inspiration in their favorite books or movies. The Harry Potter series of books was incredibly popular. The author, J.K. Rowling, became richer than the Queen of England. That is a testiment to the success these books achieved throughout the world. Harry Potter dog names became popular from the moment the first Harry Potter books were printed.

How to choose a dog name?

When choosing a dog name, there are some universal rules all dog owners should follow. Some names are simply better than others in the sense that the dog will respond to them better. Of course, picking a name just because your dog reacts to it isn’t the only criteria, but it should be one of the most important things. Here are some guidelines that can help you pick the right name for your new pup;

Avoid names sounding like commands

Training should be a large part of every dog’s life, and that means your dog will have to learn commands like sit, stay, or come. There are many names you could give your dog that sound like commands. Some of those names are Kit, Sway, or Mitt. Basically, any name that sounds like a command is not the best idea because your dog can easily confuse the two. It would be best to avoid picking names that sound like commands.


Family member names

It might be funny or even honorable to name the dog the same as one of your kids or your spouse, but that is an excellent formula for confusion. Your family member will think you’re calling them, and the dog will think you are calling them. If you name your dog the same as a family member, it would be best to call them by a nickname.

Dog’s character

When picking the right Harry Potter dog name for your pooch, it would be a good idea to consider the dog’s history and character. In the Harry Potter world, your dog’s character might fit in one of the four houses, and all of the houses have an emblem. Gryffindors have a lion, Hufflepuffs have badgers, Slytherins have a snake, and Ravenclaws have a raven. If you have a Shih Tzu (nicknamed the “lion dog”), a good name could be Gryffindor or Gryff. However, if you have a Dachshund, who was used for badger hunting throughout history, naming them Huff or Hufflepuff would be fitting.

Short names

The best dog names should be short and concise. The best Harry Potter dog names consist of two syllables. Short dog names are easy to say, and you can say them quickly, which is a great thing when you need to recall your dog. The name can sound like a command, and the dog will know you are talking to them when you say their short name in a commanding tone.

Harry Potter dog names

Harry Potter books are packed with epic characters on both sides. Some of the characters already have a huge dog owner fan base. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you are probably aware of who Draco Malfoy is, but you should know that Draco is a popular dog name. Another interesting character was Luna Lovegood, and Luna is one of the most popular dog names in the US. Here is a list of Harry Potter dog names for you to consider;

harry potter dog names

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