5 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Dog Poop

5 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Dog Poop

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Dog ownership comes with many fun and delightful activities, but picking up dog poop is certainly not one of them. A recent study has shown that almost 35% of owners don't pick up after their dogs, and we were left quite shocked when we learned this. There could be many reasons why you wouldn't pick your dog's poop, and some of them could be because you are in a hurry or you might forget the poop bag.

We know that picking dog poop is not what many of us want to do, but it is our responsibility as dog owners to do it. There are many reasons why picking up after your dog is important if you want to preserve the health of your dog, other dogs, and even us – humans. Many dog owners often time don't realize all the dangers connected to dog poop, but today you are going to learn them.

Reasons why you should pick your dog poop include:

1. It's the law

In most countries across the world, picking up after your dog is required by law, and you can easily get fined for not picking up your dog's poop. This is certainly one way of dealing with this problem, and the statistic shows that this type of approach has reduced the number of "irresponsible" dog owners who don't like to pick poop after their pets.

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2. It's common courtesy

Dog ownership comes with good and "bad" sides. Picking up dog poop is not the prettiest job, but when you decide to become a pet parent, you agree to take care of your dog. Picking up dog poop is a part of dog ownership, and you shouldn't run away from it.

Did you ever step in dog poop? We bet you did and that you didn’t feel happy at that time. Picking up poop is a common courtesy since you shouldn't want that anyone steps into your dog poop later, whether they are dog owners or not.

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3. Dog poop is not a fertilizer

Many dog owners will say: "I don't pick up after my dog because the dog poop is a natural fertilizer." In reality, this isn't true. Dogs' diets mostly consist of meat and proteins; on the contrary, your dog will only create more problems. Because of the high protein in their diet, dog poop is highly acidic and creates many microbes and pathogens.

GOOD TO KNOW: Cow poop is a good fertilizer because cow nutrition mostly contains grass and grains.

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4. Dog poop carries disease

The most important reason why you should pick after your dog is that your dog poop will carry many different diseases. Different parasites and bacteria can be found in dog poop, and if you don’t pick after your dog, they can affect other dogs and even humans.

Parasites and bacteria found in dog waste can be left in the soil for years to come, and people and other pets could easily get infected.

IMPORTANT: Even if your dog is not showing symptoms of any disease, his poop can still contain harmful bacteria and parasites. Salmonella and E.coli are the most common bacteria carried in dog poop.

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5. Dog poop can cause problems with our water

This reason is closely connected to bacteria and parasites found in dog poop. They can also affect our water quality if we don't pick after our dogs. If the poop is not correctly disposed, dog poop can pollute our water by releasing harmful bacteria that will cause algae and weed growth in the water.

With the algae and weeds, water will quickly become green and stinky, and we will not be able to use it.

What dog poop bags should you use?

With the rising awareness of plastic affecting our planet, more and more dog owners started to use compostable dog poop bags. Plastic bags have a devastating effect on our plants, and if you are still using them, we advise you to switch to bio-degradable poop bags.

These bags are as good as plastic ones; the major benefit is that they won't negatively impact our environment.

Here you can find bio-degrading poop bags for your dog. Make a difference and start using them today.

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Best pooper scoopers on the market

Many dog owners are disgusted by picking up dog poop, and luckily for you, there is a solution to this problem. Pooper scoopers are helpful tools for dog owners that will ensure you don't come in close contact with dog waste.

There are many different types, but they will all serve their purpose, and you can be sure that picking up dog poop will be a fun activity with them.

Here are the top 3 picks for the best pooper scoopers on the market.

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