3 Reasons Why Dogs Kick After They Poop

3 Reasons Why Dogs Kick After They Poop

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If you are a dog owner, you have probably witnessed your dog kick his hind legs after pooping. Not all dogs will show this behavior, and although kicking legs after pooping can seem to have no purpose, there are, in fact, a few reasons why dogs do it. Stay with us and find out: why dogs kick after they poop?

Is dog kicking after pooping considered normal?

You have nothing to worry about if you catch your dog kicking after pooping. This is considered normal dog behavior and has been seen in dogs, wolves, and coyotes. This is a form of communication for dogs. There are a few reasons why your dog could exhibit this behavior, and the most common are:

1. Marking

We all know that dogs are territorial animals. When dogs urinate and poop, they leave pheromones behind. So if you catch your dog kicking after doing their business, he is trying to mark his territory and to spread pheromones around.

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In general, more dominant dogs will kick more often and more aggressively than the other dogs. Their primary purpose is to mark what they consider to be their territory.

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2. Burying poop

In some cases, dogs will kick to hide and bury their waste. With this gesture, dogs will try to spread the scent, which is also another marking method.

In some rare cases, your dog could bury their waste because they are scared and trying to hide their presence, but this behavior is most commonly seen in wild canines.

3. Wiping paws

If your dog starts kicking without particular reasons, maybe he is trying to wipe his paws. Some dogs don’t like to feel dirty and have dirt on their paws; with kicking they will try to clean their paws.

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Usually, when the kicking happens after pooping main reasons for such behavior are marking and burying poop.

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Are some dog breed more likely to kick after pooping?

All dogs can exhibit this behavior. Most experts suggest that dominant dogs are likelier to start kicking to show their presence. There is a possibility that your dog will begin kicking after he gets in a fight with another strange dog.

When dogs want to mark their territory and show their presence, they will, in most cases, start kicking after pooping.

Should you stop this dog behavior?

For most dogs, there is no reason why you should stop this dog behavior since it is natural for them. If your dog is damaging your yard, you can consider reducing this dog behavior. Make sure you use positive techniques, and you should never yell or punish the dog since this is a natural behavior, and your dog will not know what he’s done wrong.

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If your dog’s kicking gets out of control and you cannot stop this behavior, you can seek advice from a dog trainer who will for sure help you to eliminate dog kicking.

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You have nothing to worry about if your dog is kicking after pooping. This is considered normal dog behavior. You should only consider stopping this behavior if it gets out of control. Then you can seek help from a professional or solve the problem yourself. Make sure you only use positive training methods to achieve the best results with your dog.

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